Someone to Help
Soup Kitchen Damaged by Rocket
Yom HaShoah Reminds Us: 'We Will Live'
Slider 05/03/2024
Group Gathers Mass Testimony to Fight October 7 Denial
Holocaust Survivor on 'Frightening' Anti-Semitism of Today
From Israel: What's on My Mind This Passover
'It Is a Big Help'
Slider 04/14/2024
You Saved Her
Finding Strength in the Light
Yom HaAliyah: The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews of Canada Celebrates Helping Thousands of Jews Make Aliyah
International Fellowship of Christians and Jews Mobilizes to Provide Emergency Aid in Response to Iranian Attacks
Iran Attacks Israel
Passover, the Holiday of Freedom
ERAP Slider 04/14/2024
ERAP Slider 04/13/2024
Finding Strength in the Light
Israel Establishes an Annual Commemoration of October 7
6 Months at War: Giving Hope to the Holy Land
October 7 Survivor Stars on Israel's Amputee Soccer Team
Yael on The Jesse Kelly Show
Too Many Wars
'I Will Never Be Hungry Again'
Despite War, Israel Ranks 5th Happiest Country in the World
A Hostage's Journey from Darkness to Hope, Freedom
You Give Nina a Sense of Comfort
Evacuees from North and South Still Celebrate Purim
ERAP Slider 03/23/2024
Interview With October 7 Survivor
Fellowship Family Meeting
Allies From the Christian Communities Abroad
'Thank You for Remembering Me'
ERAP Slider 02/23/2024
Helping Maya Through Wartime
Acknowledging 2 Years of War in Ukraine
A Journey into Ukraine as the War Anniversary Approaches
The 35 Years I Was Blessed
Project Spotlight: Fellowship Soup Kitchens
Survivors of Holocaust and October 7 Speak Out
Hope for Better Days
Hamas and the Holocaust: An Interview
Resilience and Hope
Amid War, Jews Are Making Aliyah
Devastating Attacks in Ukraine as War Continues
Fellowship Family Meeting
Anti-Semitism On The Rise in Canada
Wartime Food Deliveries
You Are Her Ray of Light
ERAP Slider 12/19/2023
Relying on Faith and The Fellowship
Holding On to Hope When all Else Seems Lost
ERAP Slider 12/01/2023
Many Thanks: 'We Came Out Strengthened'
Yael Eckstein Interviewed by 700 Club Canada
You Make a Difference for Emma
Getting Through This Difficult Time
Delivering Food to Israel's War-Torn South
ERAP Slider 11/14/2023
Our Conversations With God
What Is Life Like in Israel During War?
Feeding the Hungry During War in Israel
'Israel Is So Dear to Me'
ERAP Slider 10/30/2023
ERAP Slider 10/16/2023
Food Deliveries to Elderly in the South
Grateful to Be Alive
Ukrainian Orphans Who Escaped to Israel Were Forced to Evacuate Once Again
Prayers Sustain in the Midst of Evil
You Are Keeping Her Alive
Supporting Israel's Children
Help, Healing, and Hope
Grateful for You
IFCJ Approves $5M in Emergency Humanitarian Aid for Distribution Throughout Israel Following Devastating Hamas Attacks
ERAP Slider 10/07/2023
Pray for Israel
Of Rescue and Romance
By God's Grace
The Many Meanings of Sukkot
Bringing God Down To Earth a Sukkot Teaching
A Special Holiday
Golda at War
Yael Eckstein Named to Jerusalem Post's 50 Most Influential Jews
Slider 9/14/2023
Life During Dark and Difficult Times
A High Holy Days Miracle
Better Together: God's Love in Action with Yael Eckstein
IFCJ Canada equips over 8,000 Israeli children in need with backpacks and clothing cards for the school year
The Spiritual Sounds of the Shofar
A Teacher, a Preacher, a Righteous Gentile
A Real Holiday
A Time for Hope, Caring for Others, and Being a Light
A Conversation on Connecting with God
You Mean the World to Her
A Righteous Mayor in Occupied France
Blessing and Being Blessed
'You Are My Guardian Angel'
Slider 8/14/2023
Project Spotlight: School Supplies for Children in Need in the Holy Land
Coconut Milk Cream of Barley Soup
Rescuing a Rabbi in Buchenwald
Israeli Folk Singer - Chava Alberstein
Grateful for Your Grace
IFCJ Canada Helps Send Israeli Youth to Summer Camp
Natalya's Miracle
Making a Difference for Israel's Youth
Finding Light in the Darkest Times
Helping Serafima Survive
Live Prayer Service
Hope and Help
How to Break Free from Worry
Beba's Biggest Joy
Tikva Children's Home in the FSU
Conversations with Rabbi Tuly Weisz
Poor and Needy in Your Land
The Great Things You Do
Taking Care of Each Other
Home at Last
Anne Frank's Helper
Beba's Biggest Joy
Slider 6/12/2023
Pat Robertson - A Dear Friend
Willing to Help
A Drink of Water
Nurse Selma
A Family's Miraculous Escape
Helping Mikhail
Practicing Gratitude
The Message of the Firstfruits
551 Holocaust Survivors Made Aliyah in 2022
Blessings From The Fellowship
40 Years of Fellowship
A Miracle for Arkady
Live Prayer Service
Protection and Comfort, in Troubling Times and Always
Yael Eckstein, President of IFCJ Canada, receives Jerusalem Post's 2023 Humanitarian Award
Never Alone
Someone to Protect Her
Pat Boone: Celebrating The Fellowship
How Audrey Hepburn Saved Jews During the Holocaust
'I Didn't Have a Childhood'
The Jewish Hotel
Why We Must Never Forget the Holocaust
Slider 4/21/2023
Health and Peace This Passover
The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews to Cover Electric Bills for Holocaust Survivors
Something for Sarah
The Fellowship Launches Passover Welfare Drive for Those in Need
Ukraine Matzah Factory Survives Airstrike
All Alone in a Warzone
Slider 3/29/2023
Thinking About the First Passover
Matzah Ball Soup
'We Don't Do This Sort of Thing'
What Christians Should Know About Passover
Jonah: God's Reluctant Prophet
Shabbat: A Day of Delight
Jerusalem: God's Holy City
'There's Almost Nothing Left...'
Hanukkah: A Day of Light
Atonement: At One With God
The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews Honoured for Supporting Israel's National Food Security Initiative
'Aren't You Ashamed to Make War on Jewish Children?'
Fellowship Family Meeting
Ukraine, One Year Later
'If I Were a Rich Man'
"I Truly Believe..."
Your Care Means the World to Her
After the War Began
Dr. Ruth - A Holocaust Survivor and Holy Land Hero
The Women Who Walk With Me
Slider 3/03/2023 V2
Warmth for Body & Soul
Authority Magazine Features Yael Eckstein
Light and Warmth This Winter
The Cruelest Price of War
Bikkurim: Giving God Our Best
A Year After the Invasion, Jews in Ukraine Hang on to Optimism
An Israeli Survivor's Holocaust Story
Remembering My Abba
One Year Into War, IFCJ Pledges 4 Million Dollar Increase in Funding for Jewish Communities in Ukraine and FSU
She Is Not Alone
A New Life in Israel
A Legacy of Joy
Survivor Refugees From Ukraine Express Gratitude for Israel
Live Prayer Service
A Feeling of Warmth
Celebrating Tu B'Shvat
No Longer Alone in Ukraine
100 Ukrainian Jews Arrive in Israel
Remembering the Holocaust
A Second Wind This Winter
Warming Hearts in Ukraine
Rejoicing in 40 Years of Serving God and His People
Carrying On Our Fathers' Legacies of Faith
'The Fellowship Takes Care of Me'
Helping Ukraine's Jews Survive a Freezing Winter
What Is the Future of Christian-Jewish Relations?
A Fellowship Like Our World Has Never Seen
'Your Help Is Saving My Life'
Slider 12/19/2022
Happiness and Hope for the Holidays
Hanukkah Sufganiyot
It Was Winter
Faith and Light for the Holidays
Yael Eckstein Interviewed on Breakfast Television
Hanukkah for the Holy Land's Heroes
A Story of Courage, Faith, and Hope
Israel's World Cup Goal
Ukraine Left Without Power, Water
From Ukraine Shtetl to Holy Land Home
IFCJ to Send $6.5 Million in Emergency Support to Ukraine's Jews
Slider 11/17/2022
Fellowship Family Meeting
Lighting the Shabbat Candles
Warming Yuri's Heart and Home
Packing Food With Our Board Members
A Ray of Light in Her Darkest Hour
International Fellowship of Christians and Jews of Canada Celebrates Yom haAliyah By Welcoming Plane Full of Olim to Israel
A Righteous Gentile on a Bicycle
Einstein Museum in Jerusalem
'If Not for Your Help...'
The Blessings of the Sabbath
Slider 10/27/2022
In from the Cold
As Winter Looms
Strengthening Our Spiritual Walk with God
A Warm Home and Daily Bread
A Holy Time Thanks to YOU
How We Can Live in Unity
Love, Kindness, and Understanding
The Fellowship Distributes Over 7 Million to Ukrainian Immigrants and Others in Need for the New Year
The Power of Saying 'I'm Sorry'
The Least of These
Fellowship in Their Golden Years
Winner in 10th Annual 2022 CEO World Awards
A Return to Who We Really Are
As Cost of Living Soars, IFCJ Launches Program To Support Impoverished Israeli Children Heading Back to School
A Sweet New Year to All
God's Wake-Up Call for Us
Fellowship Family Meeting
Rosh Hashanah Honey-Walnut Cookies
The Actress
Slider 09/20/2022
Jews Who Fled Ukraine to Get Special Aid for Rosh Hashanah Under New Initiative
The Doll Maker's Hands
Our Spiritual Journey to Real and Lasting Change
The Joy of Giving to Others
Back-to-School Help for Struggling Families
You Light Up Her Life
Keeping Her Faith
Israel's Schools Prepare for Refugee Children
A Humble Hero on the Frontlines
Children From Impoverished Families to Get Vouchers for School Supplies
Seeing Bronya Smile
The Importance of Forgiveness
The Fellowship Opens New Shelter for Israel's Homeless
Meeting Nina's Needs
From Orphan to Hero
Welfare Ministry, The Fellowship Allocate $70M. for Israel's Needy
Finding Hope Within Despair
Supporting Sibo
'Your Help Is Saving My Life'
Survey: Nearly half of Israeli parents need financial help for their families during the summer
The Power of Asking Questions
"Surviving Has Never Been An Easy Job"
Investing in Israel's Children on International Day of Friendship
Help and Hope in the Holy Land
A Time to Heal
Celebrating Rabbi Eckstein
Slider 07/12/2022
Rescuing Roi
Saving Sara
Escape from Auschwitz
Why Me? Project
How Anna Survives
Doing Less, Receiving More
Love for a Loving Couple
The Heroes to Remember This Father's Day
More Than 25,000 Ukrainian Jews 'Come Home' to Israel
My Beloved Child
'The People at The Fellowship Remember Me'
Dr. Steve Greene - Remembering a Man of Faith
Yael Makes Top 50 of 'Our Favourite Jewish Women'
A Shocking Loss
'Thank You, God, That I'm in Israel'
Blessing Yehudit
Bless Needy Jews in the Holy Land
Practicing Gratitude
A Family for Fanya
Chef John's Cheese Blintzes
Remembering Yuri
Tres Leches Cake Recipe for Shavuot
'God Has Kept Me Alive'
Jerusalem - My Highest Joy
Celebrating 39 Years of Building Bridges of Faith
Saving Maria
On Being a Modern-Day Woman of Valour
You Are Her Only Friend
From Holocaust to Famine
How We Can Make Every Day Count
Ukraine Reminds Us Israel Is Essential
Over 42,000 Olim to Celebrate First Israel Independence Day
Remembering Raisa
The Least of These
Beauty, Horror, and Hope
A Pastor and a Holocaust Passover
Stepping Out in Faith
Remembering God's Deliverance
This Passover, Remember the Jewish Communities That Are Suffering
Holocaust Denial Outlawed in Canada
'My Heart Feels Full'
Ukrainian Holocaust Survivors Prepare for New Life in Israel
Why We Must Never Forget the Holocaust
A Passover Prayer
The Support They So Desperately Needed
Passover Chocolate Cheesecake
Fellowship Family Meeting: Helping Jews in the FSU
96-Year-Old Holocaust Survivor Killed in Ukraine
No Longer Alone
Munn Cookies
Working on the Ground
A Second Chance
Ukrainian Orphans Rescued, Evacuated to Israel
Slider 02/28/2022
Modern Day Esthers
Our Friends in Ukraine Need Us
The Only Jewish Girl in the Village
From Ukraine to Israel Prophecy Fulfilled
The Dramatic Rescue of 100 Children from Ukraine
So Many Needs Across Ukraine
Alone in Ukraine
Thousands of Ukrainian Jews Long for Israel
On the Frontlines in Ukraine, Saving Jewish Lives
New Look, Same Mission
ERAP Slider 02/24/2022
Aliyah to Israel Continues
A Lifetime of Loneliness
Today, I ask you to pray...
Slider 02/13/2022
Fermented Kosher-Style Dill Pickles Recipe
My Last Hope
Remembering Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein
Love and Care from You
Project Spotlight: Warming Thousands This Winter
Jewish Eggplant Lasagna Recipe
Reasons for Hope
'God Has Kept Me Alive'
The Key to Abundant Blessings
Warming Yuri's Heart and Home
Surrounded by Love and Laughter
A Legacy of Fighting for Justice and Equality
Saving Maria
The Gift of Time
An Important Holiday Tradition
You Are Her Only Friend
Extraordinary Challenges, Extraordinary Faith
Carrot Tzimmes Recipe
You Are Her Hope
A Holy Land Hanukkah
Simple Creme Brulee Dessert
'The Fellowship Saved My Mother's Life'
Reflecting on a Season of Miracles
A Second Chance
We Care, We Are Here, We Help
'Like a Desert Owl'
In Our Hearts
Jewish Grandma's Best Beef Brisket Recipe
A Warrior for Peace
A Life of Hardship
Traditional Potato Kugel
Hanukkah in the Holy Land
Certainty in Uncertain Times
Peaceful Sleep for God's Children
Make Your Home a Sacred Space
Ready to Help
IFCJ Canada named to Charity Intelligence's 'Top 100 Rated in Charities' in 2021
Three Simple Steps to Make Your Prayers More Powerful
Hand in hand
The Fellowship Honoured for Aliyah Work
Yael Eckstein named to the Jerusalem Post's '50 Most Influential Jews of 2021'
Faith and Hope for a Family
Shalom in Our Lives, Our Homes, Our World
My Whole World
My Brother's Keeper
Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone
A Lifetime of Sad Stories
The Power of Saying 'I'm Sorry'
A Time to Repent and Reflect
Yael Eckstein named to Jerusalem Post's '50 Most Influential Jews of 2021'
High Holy Days Help
Repentance, Prayer, and Charity
Helping in the Holy Land
All That We Have
Holy Days: Repentance, Prayer and Charity
Good People Care About Us
Classic Patty Melt
What Are You Praying For?
Blessing Israel In Times of Crisis, and Every Day
'You Are Special'
Prayers Answered at the Western Wall
Day of Darkness, Day of Light
A Time to Heal
May I Have a Moment, Please?
A Father's Compassion
Recalling a Glorious Triumph
Being Alone is the Most Difficult Part
A New Home in Israel
Angels for Paulina
Facing Life's Challenges
Remembering Raisa
Yael Eckstein joins Liberation75 event to address plight of Holocaust survivors
A Day of Fasting and Prayer
Following Tragedy, Focus on Unity
Making Every Day Count
A Lifetime of Fear
A Century of Sorrow
A Time for Silence, a Time for Speaking Up
Join Us at Liberation75
Why a Christian Pastor Blesses the Jewish People
Vegetarian Mushroom Moussaka Recipe
Understanding the Passover Story
Passover Hope for a Holy Land Painter
Pavlova with Fresh Berries
'I Can't Stop Thinking of My Loneliness'
There Is a God in Zion
2,000-Year-Old Biblical Text Found in Israel
The First Passover
Remembering God's Deliverance
A Woman of Strength
Passover Hope for Roman
S'mores Babka Recipe
A Teachable Moment
A Jewish Mother Struggles to Provide
The Fellowship Delivers Food as well as Joy and Good Cheer to Needy Israelis for Purim Holiday
A Lesson from Esther - For Such a Time as This
Tired of Being Alone
International humanitarian organization partners with first responders ahead of snowstorm in Israel
Banana Bread
Connecting to the Word of God
Holocaust Survivor with 400 Descendants Passes Away at 105
Matzo S'mores
Nourishing Our Biblical Roots
Warming Yuri's Heart
A Legacy of Joy
The Only One Alive
Righteous Bricklayer at Auschwitz-Birkenau
The Only Jewish Girl in the Village
Russian Meatballs
The Promise of a New Season
Never Again
'It's Too Much'
Ancient 'Christ, born of Mary' inscription unearthed in Israel
Remembering a Dark Past, Ensuring a Bright Future
Saving Maria's Life
6 Israeli Devices That Will Make Our Homes Smarter In 2021
Holocaust Survivor and Olympic Champion Turns 100
Part of a Greater Whole
How You Blessed 2020
Waiting for God - and You
A New Perspective for a New Year
Welcoming 225 New Israelis
Jews continue to flee Ethiopia with help from The Fellowship
'God Has Kept Me Alive'
One Pan Roast Chicken with Potatoes and Carrots
Extraordinary Challenges, Extraordinary Faith
Russian Apple Piroshki
Ahead of Hanukkah, 160 Jews from Ukraine move to Israel, reconnecting to Jewish roots
It was Winter
With 2 Million people helped in 2020, the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews Reaches a New Milestone
A Lifetime of Loneliness
Traditional Potato Latkes
Ezer Weizman: A Prince and Not a King
Sharing Our Traditions and Passing on Our Faith
Israeli-Style Sufganiyot
The Founder of Maidens' Farm
Giving Thanks and Recognizing Our Blessings
Gravlax With the Works
Cheese Blintzes!
Mini potato and zucchini latkes
A Panic of Loneliness
Tending to Our Inner World
Marble Pound Cake
A Schoolteacher and Righteous Gentile
Certainty in Uncertain Times
A Sewing Machine Saved her Life
How to Make Chicken Soup in an Instant Pot
Dr. Clara Ambrus - A Lifetime of Saving Lives
Rugelach Bread Pudding Cheesecake
Mykolas Simelis - The Woodsman's Heart
Gifting the Word of God
Syrian Meatballs with Tamarind Sauce Recipe
Time A Sacred Gift from God
A Son in the Land of Israel
In Need of Help
Butternut Squash Soup
Remembering Our Humble Beginnings
Super Food Sukkot Salad
A Humane Hero During Inhumane Times
The Lessons of Faith
Mujaderra Stuffed Kabocha Squash Recipe
A Shelter of Faith
Helping The Elderly
Pumpkin Jam is the Most Underrated Rosh Hashanah Treat
COVID-19: Israel tightens second lockdown to avoid 'abyss'
It Starts With Our Heart
Hope for the High Holy Days... and Beyond
Spinach Goat Cheese Tart with Herb Butter Crust
He who saves one life, saves the entire world
A Change for the Better
Tikkun Olam Repairing the World
3 Extraordinary Lessons We Can Learn from the High Holy Days
Applesauce Cake with Cream Cheese & Honey Frosting Recipe
Safety in the Sewers
Running Around Jerusalem
Everything Will be Fine
'I Feel Taken Care Of'
Elderly Chaka Finds Strength in The Fellowship
The Blessing of Fellowship Freedom Flights!
Thank You for Making Their Aliyah Possible!
Molly Yeh's Apple Cider Brisket Recipe
All the Days of my Life
A New Perspective on a New Reality
Meringue-Topped Apple Pie Bars Recipe
Serving in the Struggle Against Nazism
Praying at the Heart of God
Israel and UAE Reach Historic Peace Deal
A Special Gift for You
Brisket Tacos with Carrot Slaw Recipe
Icelandic Jewish Cookies Recipe
A Question of Human Values
Depending on The Fellowship
'This Food Will Help Me a Lot'
Bella Is Blessed by The Fellowship
The Fellowship provides food, clothing, and basic necessities to Jews in need
Let Us Pray for Each Other
The Blessing of Aliyah!
Israeli Salad Ceviche
A Lesson from a Jewish Holiday the World Could Use Right Now
One Third of Children in Israel Live Below The Poverty Line
Shwarma Chicken Kebab Recipe
Reflections from the Sea of Galilee
Food and Fellowship for Miryam
Blessing Vilmer
Writer Shmuel Yosef Agnon: Composing Songs in Writing
Two-Ingredient Banana Tahini Pops
Let Us Pray for You
The Prophetic Work of Aliyah
You Mean Everything to Yuri
Lamb Kofta Kebabs
My Only Light in Vast Darkness
Fried Cauliflower Salad
The Teacher Who Saved His Jewish Students
Their Need For Food is Greater Than Ever
How to Make Honey Halvah
Righteous Gentiles and the Doctor's Daughter
Biblical Wisdom in a "Selfie" Culture
Challah Hot Dogs
Giving Thanks for Fathers
Coming Home to Israel
How to Make Your Own Sauerkraut
Labneh and Fig Tart with Olive Oil Crust
Turning to God In Good Times and Bad
Jews from around the world want to immigrate to Israel
Kamut Berries with Porcini Mushrooms and Butternut Squash
Grandma's Perogies
Shavuot -- Practicing Gratitude
If I Forget You, Jerusalem
Auschwitz: A Haunting Question
Fasting in Fellowship
Chremslach Are Your New Favorite Jewish Pancakes
Persian-Inspired Stuffed Peppers Recipe
Praise and Celebration on Israel's Independence Day (Yom HaAtzmaut)
Moroccan Couscous and Chicken
The Blessings of Front Yard Prayers in Israel
Remembering the Holocaust, This Year and Every Year
Israeli 7-Layer Salad with Labneh Poppyseed Dressing Recipe
A Titanic Love Story
Teaching Our Children to Seek Wisdom
Press Release
Rocket (Arugula) Salad with Lox and Fresh Mozzarella
Israel Philharmonic offers Passover medley for holiday
Why Is Passover Different This Year?
Perfect Matzah Balls (Kneidlach) Recipe
Surviving Spanish Flu and WWII!
Celebrating Purim at Tzaad Kadima
God's Messengers of Hope and Love
The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews Donates $2 Million to Fight the Coronavirus
Food Assistance to Holocaust Survivors in the FSU
Hazelnut Banana "Nice-Cream"
The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews creates a $5 million emergency fund to help elderly and Holocaust survivors
Passover Chocolate Meringues with Raspberry Dipping Sauce
Easy 4-Ingredient Brisket
Our Whole Life
Grilled Chicken Salad With Citrus Honey Dressing
Liberating Looted Jewish Texts
Keto Chocolate Avocado Cake
Finding Esther
Warming Hearts in Frozen Ukraine
Sutlatch (Cream of Rice Pudding)
New Life in the Dead of Winter
Tu b'Shevat Salad
Remember my Abba, one year later
Shattering Myths
Steinberg: the dark side of remembrance
Malabi with Salted Caramel Sauce Recipe
Remembering the Holocaust
Kosher Dill Pickles
Our Shared Heritage of Seeking Justice
The Liberation of Auschwitz, January 1945
The Spy Who Saved 10,000 Jews
Safe Passage to Shanghai
Easy Mediterranean Chickpea Salad
Israeli salad
The Terrifying Trend of Rising Anti-Semitism
Welcoming the New Year with Hope and Faith
What it's Like to be a Descendant of a Holocaust Survivor
An Actor, an Advocate, and an Ally
New York mass stabbing suspect faces federal hate crime charges
From Paratroopers to Politics
Pull-apart eggplant parmesan
World leaders to gather to commemorate holocaust
Secret diary of a schoolgirl in the holocaust
'Jewish Schindler' recounts how he rescued girls from Isis
Canadian holocaust survivor reunited with baby he saved from Nazis when he was just a child
Jewish veterans honoured at remembrance day ceremony in Toronto
Israel's Stephen Harper visitor centre officially opens
Woman reunited with Jewish family she risked her life to hide from Nazis
Aliyah - Israel's Hope and Future
Schnurmacher: How my mother's vanity saved her in Auschwitz
Aunt Renee's Chicken Soup
Young Israelis coming to Canada on mission of peace
Q & A with Brooke Goldstein: defending the rights of Jews
Holocaust survivor Rabbi Aryeh Rosenberg dies at 98
Crisp apple and pomegranate slaw
1,500-year-old byzantine church with stunning mosaics discovered in beit shemesh
Bringing God's People Home
Irena Senderlowa - Life in a Jar!
Baycrest gets $1-million donation for seniors
Holocaust survivor cousins reunite in Israel after 75 years
Christians and Jews Celebrate Shared Virtues on High Holy Days
The Fellowship Distributes Thousands of Food Packages
Apple Kugel (Apple Pudding)
Honey Cake
'We Are on the Map!'
The Blue-Collar Latvian Schindler
Praying at the Heart of God
One Young Goat
Between Grieving and Leading
The Pianist's Rescuer
Finding Hope Within Despair
The Power of Partnership
The Faith of a Child
Renew Our Days
Rice Burrito Bowl with Avocado!
My Father's God
We Care, We Are Here, We Help
Hummus Four Ways for Summer!
Cheesecake Five Ways!
Finding the Forgotten
Father's Day Without My Father
Celebrating Our Common Ground
Classic Pita Bread!
Jerusalem - My Highest Joy
Being Here is the Proof
His Holy Land
Crockpot Israeli-Style Stuffed Peppers!
Jacob: Our Patriarch of Truth
The Exodus Story
Isaac: Our Patriarch Of Strength
Sarah: Our Matriarch of Faith
Women of Valour
Israeli Breakfast Pizza!
Remembrance Is No Longer Enough
The Fellowship's Passover Food Box Distribution
Coconut Macaroons
Remembering Slavery as We Celebrate Freedom
Defeating Doubt
Black and White Cookies!
Fellowship Family Meeting
The First International Fellowship Summit
Fellowship Family Meeting
Matzah Toffee
For Such a Time as This
Mushroom Jalapeno Matzah Ball Soup
Out Into the World
In My Father's Footsteps
In My Father's Chair
We All Stand and Remember
New Every Morning
We Remember, We Act
Wise Ears and Understanding Hearts
A Country with a Big Heart
Abraham: Our Patriarch Of Loving-kindness
Carrying On My Abba's Vision
Yael Eckstein: What's Next for The Fellowship
The Fellowship Mourns its Founder and Leader Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein
Remembering Rabbi Eckstein
Startling Poverty Statistics Out of Israel
Celebrating Life on Tu B'Shvat
Faces of The Fellowship: Rostik
Coffee Coconut Date Balls!
Singing Opera in a Concentration Camp
Starting the New Year the Right Way
Faces of The Fellowship: Miryam
Israeli Moon-Bound Craft to Carry Holocaust Survivor Story
The Year in Focus
Project Spotlight: Grandmother Knits
Finding Our Way in the Wilderness
Your People are My People
The Season of Light and Miracles
A Special Gift for Hanukkah or Christmas
What We Learn About Ourselves from Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob
Grateful and Blessed
Lighting Candles in the Darkness
Three Generations Making Aliyah Together
Proud of Christians Like You
Teachings to Live By
Faces of The Fellowship: Svetlana
Faces of The Fellowship: Simcha and Maayan
Leah: Our Matriarch of Prayer
We Do Not Stand Alone
Israel Needs Us Now!
Praying for the Saturday and Sunday People
Being a Prophetic Rescuer of the Jewish People
Project Spotlight: Art Class for the Elderly
Holocaust Survivor Faces Evil, Cheats Death for Second Time
Hope in the Face of Unspeakable Evil
Sacred Space in a Time of Tragedy
Rebekah: Our Matriarch of Strength
Moses: Covenant with A Nation
Rachel: Our Matriarch of Compassion
"Nowhere Is Safe"
Omer: Making Every Day Count
Faith Under Fire
A Day of Pampering for Elderly in Israel
The Shofar: The Three Sounds of Renewal
The Seder Plate: Food for Thought
Tefillin: Bound to God
Challah: Bringing Our Blessings to God
Tzedakah: Righteous Giving
Haman: The Role of the Villain
Sukkah: Living in Joy
Tisha B'Av: A Time to Weep
The Highest Form of Charity
A Thank You Letter to The Fellowship
Bringing God's People Home
Faces of The Fellowship: Josephina
Gifting the Word of God
Israel Crowns 93-Year-Old 'Miss Holocaust Survivor'
Faces of The Fellowship: Iana and Dennis
From the Four Corners of the Earth
Rejoicing on Aliyah Day
Project Spotlight: Klitah Projects
Faces of The Fellowship: Elena
Vegetable Lasagna!
Wisdom in an Age of Distraction
Raising Creative and Spiritual Children
Holocaust Survivor Egon Salmon's Journey to Escape the Nazis
Virtual Reality Tour Brings Ancient Jerusalem to Life
Rejoicing in God's Word
Faces of The Fellowship: Chaka
Bringing God Down To Earth -- a Sukkot Teaching
Project Spotlight: School Supplies for Israeli Kids in Need
Yael Eckstein on the Importance of Sukkot
What Sukkot Teaches Us
Jewish Coffee Cake
This Man Is Cleaning All 388 Holocaust Plaques in His City
Elderly Club Observes Rosh Hashanah
On the Right Path
How We Can Begin Anew
Carmei Ha'ir Soup Kitchen
Apple Muffins for the High Holy Days!
Holocaust Survivor Earns High School Diploma at 87
This Sacred Time
Project Spotlight: Employment Seminars for Fellowship Olim
Working Hard Before the High Holy Days
7 Fantastic Reasons to Put Be'er Sheva on Your Travel Itinerary
Upon the Doorposts of Your House
Praying Powerful Prayers
The Concentration Camp Choir
A Fun Day for Israel's Youngest New Olim!
Days of Awe
These Dutch Holocaust Survivors Have Been Madly in Love for 70 Years
Faces of The Fellowship: Levi
Does God Hear Everyone's Prayers?
Watch This Bible Verse Come to Life!
Seven-Year-Old Chess Champion
Call and He Will Answer
Pizza-Stuffed Challah
Preserving the Memory of Holocaust Victims
The Blessing of Joy
Game Room and Spa Found at Ancient Israeli Pottery Workshop
Dead Sea Scroll Fragment Unveiled in Israel
He has given this responsibility to YOU
World's 'Oldest Living Journalist' Tells How He Boxed His Way Through Auschwitz
Carrot Salad
Teaching My Children to Mourn a Temple They Never Saw
Granddaughter of Holocaust Survivors Makes Jewelry Featuring Nazi Tattoo Numbers
What a 'Light Unto the Nations' Looks Like
Faces of The Fellowship: Galina
Faces of The Fellowship: Marina
We Are for Peace
Watch: The Tragic and Miraculous History of the Jewish People
For the Sake of the Children
Butternut Squash Kibbeh!
The Lost Diary of "Poland's Anne Frank" To Be Released
Our Fellowship of Christians and Jews
What We Can Do About Christian Persecution
Israeli Gardener Finds 700-Year-Old Ring with Image of St. Nicholas
Celebrating Aliyah
Awaiting a Time of Rejoicing, Not Sorrow
Jews Who Fought Nazis Recall Struggle
The Friendship Between Canada and Israel
'The Horrors of the Past Can Never Reoccur'
17 Fellowship Freedom Flights to Arrive in Israel
Holocaust Survivor Has Belated Bar Mitzvah to Remember Lost Family
The Poet of Israeli Spirituality
Touching Surprises
Aliyah, Aliyah, Aliyah
Undefeated by History
15 Israeli Inventions Making Life Better for Billions
Recalling the Anschluss
A Teacher, a Preacher, and a Righteous Gentile
King David's Prayer Altar Discovered
A Modern Reminder of an Age-Old Practice
Mission to Mars
Valentin Remembers Being Hungry and Cold
The Cold Reminds Her of a Difficult Chapter in Life
No Weapon Forged Against You
At This Holocaust Museum, You Can Speak with Holograms of Survivors
Israel Develops Pocket-Size Device to Test for Heart Attacks
Two Are Better Than One
Large Blazes Scorch Israeli Fields After Kite Attacks
Isaiah's Signature Uncovered in Jerusalem
The Angel in White
Avocado Salad!
Project Spotlight: Fellowship-supported World ORT
Holocaust Survivors' Challenges to Be Tackled in 36-hour Tel Aviv Hackathon
Mortar Strikes Kindergarten in Israel
Fighting Cancer, Multiple Sclerosis, and the Flu
A Righteous Dutch Policeman and His Wife
Project Spotlight: Elderly Club Renovations
Biblical Wisdom for Divisive Times
A Musical Celebration that the People of Israel Live
Celebrating God's Gifts on Shavuot
The Magic of Shavuot in Jerusalem
Treblinka's Last Survivor
Prince William to Travel to Israel in Historic Royal Family Visit
First Aging Innovation Lab Opens in Israel
Project Spotlight: Ethiopian Leaders Share Their Story of Aliyah
Showing Their Love for Israel's People
A Lifetime of Commitment to Israel
Canada to Apologize for Turning Away Jewish Refugees in 1939
Campaign Launched to Return Personal Effects to Victims of Nazi Persecution
Why We Must Speak for the Three Million Who Can't
Signs and Wonders
Project Spotlight: With Dignity and Fellowship
'When I Remember, I Weep'
'Experiencing War'
Holocaust Survivor Harnesses the Dark and the Light
The Youngest Schindler's List Survivor Is Still Telling Her Story
At Westerbork, Virtual Reality 'Recreates' the Nazi Transit Camp
A House of Prayer for All People
The Extra Soul of All We Do
'To Her We Owe Our Lives'
One-Third of All Olim Backed by Christians
Responsible for One Another
Faces of The Fellowship: Tova
IFCJ Canada Freedom Flights bring 198 New Olim to the Holy Land
A Choice We Made a Long Time Ago
Rare and Colourful Greek 1,800-Year-Old Mosaic Uncovered at Caesarea
From Mourning to Celebration
The Land God Has Given Us
Christians Key Patrons of Aliyah
Why This Holocaust Survivor Still Wears His Concentration Camp Uniform
The Humble Heroine Who Saved Jewish Children from Auschwitz
Faces of The Fellowship: Evgeniya and Hasiya
Small Gifts, Big Results
New Travel Show Spotlights the Tastes of Israel
Turning Remembrance into Action
Israel Stands Still to Remember
25 Classic Jewish Foods!
The Unsung, Unfinished Legacy of Isaac Giterman
A Jewish Grandma Reunites with Her Grandsons in Israel
A Rite of Passage
7 Israeli Buildings That Will Make You Stop and Stare
God Is Still with Us
10 Awesome Israeli Food Destinations
The Number on Great-Grandpa's Arm
With Open Arms
Faces of The Fellowship: Yefefa and Yael
Passover, Yesterday and Today
The Significance of Passover in Family Traditions
An Israeli-Style Diet Can Prevent Becoming Frail in Old Age
Two Freedom Flights Arrive in Holy Land
The Father of Israeli Environmentalism
Old City Walls Offer Glimpse of Jerusalem's Richness
How Artist Saved 350 Lives During Holocaust by Forging ID Papers
Israel's #1 Export
In His Presence
Free Yourself
'These Poor, Helpless People'
Hope for Holocaust Survivors in Need
Ask Your Father and He Will Tell You
8 Exciting Israeli Gadgets Hitting the Market in 2018
Faces of The Fellowship: Yudit
Charity - A Foundational Judeo-Christian Value
A Joyful Day - A Serious Message
The Literary Giant Who Gave Vivid Voice to the Holocaust
A Helping Hand for the Homebound
Faces of The Fellowship: Abavitch
'I Decided to Do Whatever I Could'
The Celebration of Purim
Our Pastor and Friend
Saying "Yes" to the Sabbath
Israelis You Should Know: Chava Alberstein
Billy Graham: 1918-2018 , Our Pastor and Friend
Time Travel to Ancient Israel With 'Vortex' Virtual Reality Tours
Troubled Times - and Timeless Wisdom
In Your Own Words: What God is Saying to Me
The Father of Israeli Solar Energy
A Farmer's Cart Saves a Family
Faces of The Fellowship: Esfir
Who is The Fellowship?
Israeli Jet Downed: Fellowship Readies Response
God's People, Together in Unity
Israeli Students Uncover Remains of 1,500 Year Old Monastery
Project Spotlight: Yad LaKashish
The Girl with the Red Hair
Lokshen Kugel!
Faces of The Fellowship: Kira
A Celebration of God's Creation
Rabbi Eckstein Named One of the 100 Most Influential People
My Beloved and Most Precious Child
Israeli Space Age Material Used in Pioneering Hip, Knee Replacement
Faces of The Fellowship: Janis
We Remember. We Act.
Spreading Love and Comfort
The Only Israeli in the NBA
5 Amazing Discoveries from Trove of Documents Hidden During the Holocaust
A King Who Saved Jews
Lucy Finds Strength in The Fellowship
Keeping the Memory Alive
WWII's Great Unsung Female Codebreaker
Israeli Dad Shows How Newborns Can be Screened for Autism
Faces of The Fellowship: Dmytro
Bela, the Forgotten War Orphan
Repairing the World
The Outpost of Democracy
Project Spotlight: With Dignity and Fellowship
Israeli Cafés Serving Coffee and a Slice of Social-Welfare
Rabbi Killed in Shooting in Israel
Rescued Children ID Irishwoman Who Saved Them from Auschwitz
Can a Desert Nation Solve the World's Water Shortage?
Walk with the Wise
Israelis You Should Know: David Ben-Gurion
Why We Need the Sabbath More Than Ever
Project Spotlight: Afikim
Shining Lights in a Dark World
Faces of The Fellowship: Sheiva
Tourism: Literally Touch the Jewish Temple
A Lesson for the New Year
Advocates & Allies: The Messenger
Advocates and Allies: A Righteous Gentile
Reut School Soup Kitchen
Innovation: 10 Israeli Advances Transforming the Lives of Diabetics Worldwide
You Comfort the Elderly
1,200 Lonely Elderly Israelis Receive Companionship for Hanukkah
The Important Holiday of Hanukkah
The Season of Light and Miracles
102-Year-Old Holocaust Survivor Reunites with Newly Discovered Nephew
Tourism: Hidden Gems of Jerusalem
Israelis You Should Know : Yitzhak Lamdan
90-Year-Old Holocaust Survivor Visits Western Wall For First Time
Jerusalem, Israel's Historic and Spiritual Capital
Project Spotlight: Van at Night
Israelis You Should Know: A Nobel Laureate
Jerusalem Recognized as Israel's Capital
New Israeli Tool Will Remind You to Take Your Meds
The Nation of Israel Lives!
The Holy Soil of Israel
Holocaust Survivors Finally Celebrate their Bar and Bat Mitzvahs
201 Olim Arrive in Israel on Latest Freedom Flight
Advocates and Allies: 100-Year-Old Who Saved Jewish Girl
Iconic Jerusalem Site Fuses Past, Present, and Future
Israel Develops Drone to Evacuate Wounded Soldiers
The Highest Form of Charity
Rabbi Eckstein Builds Bridges with South Korean Christians
Ancient Relic Found By Woman Swimming
200 New Olim Arrive on Freedom Flight from Ukraine
Faces of The Fellowship: Netta
God's People, Together in Unity
Holocaust Survivors Finally Celebrate their Bar and Bat Mitzvahs
Holocaust Hero Tells Story on 60 Minutes
Apple Pie Pops!
Black and White Cookies!
Golda Meir and the Rebirth of Israel
Advocates and Allies: Auntie Truus
In the Face of Evil, God Is Our Refuge and Strength
Starting New Lives in Israel
The Dancer of Auschwitz
Advocates and Allies: The Angel of Budapest
JDC Honours Rabbi Eckstein for Longtime Partnership
Vigilance, Moral Clarity, and Prayer
We Won't Let You Down
A Moral Obligation
Halva Rocky Road Bars!
6 Living History Museums to Visit in the Holy Land
Faces of The Fellowship: Alexander
Israelis You Should Know: Abba Eban
'We Will Not Rest Until Every Jew Wishing to Immigrate Is Here'
Watch and Be Inspired!
Faces of The Fellowship: Daria and Ievgen
Investing in Israel's Future
The Amazing Story of Ethiopian Aliyah
Advocates and Allies: Sofia Kritikou
Oil from the Holy Land
From the Four Corners of the Earth
A Helping Hand for Israel's Poor
Israeli Company Develops Artificial Cornea Implant
Cabbage Strudel!
Faces of The Fellowship: David
Section of Western Wall Uncovered After 1,700 Years
Inside My Sukkah
The Foundation of Our Faith
Israelis You Should Know: Gal Gadot
Program Spotlight: Tikva Children's Home
Israelis You Should Know: Shaike Ophir
The Unheard Story of Bulgaria's Rescue of 50,000 Jews
How We Mourn
Only God to Depend On
Chocolate Cranberry Challah Rolls!
Advocates and Allies: Anne-Marie Epaud
The Power to Forgive
A Single Mother Thanks The Fellowship
Next Year in Jerusalem!
A Rose Among Thorns
Jewish New Year Fruit May Hold Seeds of Hope for Brain Disease Sufferers
Yael Eckstein Delivers Keynote Address in Israel
Thousands of Jews Get New Year's Help
Project Spotlight: Rabbi Eckstein Celebrates Rosh Hashanah with French Olim!
Three Killed in Jerusalem
In Memoriam: David Mainse
Days of Awe
God is Speaking to Us
Escape from the Hospital
6 Incredible Israeli Discoveries That Influenced the World
Tourism: Where to Eat in Tel Aviv!
Israelis You Should Know: Blind Bowling Champ
Granola Baked Apples!
Three Keys to a Successful New Year
To a Blessed and Sweet New Year
Advocates and Allies: A Tragic Tale
The Fellowship Provides NIS 8 Million in Food Vouchers
God's Word Is Coming to Fruition
Ask The Rabbi: The Third Temple and Ark of the Covenant
Travel Back in Time at Secret Oasis in Jerusalem
Starting School in Israel
Clay Seals from First Temple Period Discovered in Jerusalem
Jewish Bow Tie Cookies!
This Just In: Rabbi Eckstein Welcomes 10,000th Olah
The Curious Case of the Missing Index Card
Standing with Us Through the Storm
Gathering the Remnants of Israel
Fostering Joy for Jewish Elderly
Where Is the World Headed?
They Are Not Alone
Keeping a Kosher Kitchen
S'mores Rugelach!
Yael Eckstein Speaks to Fellowship Partners in Canada!
On the 'Island of Shabbat'
Our Response to Hateful Fanaticism
New Project Reunites Books Stolen in Holocaust with Heirs
2,000-year-old Workshop Discovered Near Where Jesus Turned Water Into Wine
Ask Yael: Why God Chose Jerusalem as a Holy Site
Bringing Venezuelan Jews Home to Israel
Turn Their Weeping into Rejoicing
Imagining a Life Like Maria's
Summer Corn and Zucchini Latkes!
A House of Prayer for All People
Ask Yael: How Does The Fellowship Help New Immigrants Once They Arrive in Israel?
This 400-Year-Old Jewish Library Survived Hitler and the Inquisition
New Immigrants Arrive in Israel in The Fellowship's Global Rescue Effort
Discover Treasure Hunting in Haifa
Your Prayer at the Western Wall
Fighting Anti-Christian Hatred
Early Mosaic of Jonah and the Whale Found
God Is Calling You Home
Faces of The Fellowship: Vera
Jerusalem Scientist Finds Breakthrough in Parkinson's Fight
Jewish Potato Salad
A Helping Hand for Persecuted Christians
Why We Should Help Egypt's Christians
Israeli Students Invent Unicycle Stretcher
Time to Leave a Life of Fear
Eight Reasons to Love Israel in the Summertime
A Supportive Relationship Built on a Complex History
Tiberias and the Sea of Galilee
The Kibbutz - A Vital Part of Israel's Future
Jewish Actress Mayim Bialik's Latest Gig
Faces of The Fellowship: Yulia
The Power of Amen
Two Israeli Police Killed in Temple Mount Attack
Author Promotes Jewish Food and Culture in "King Solomon's Table"
Canada Day Celebrated at Soup Kitchens In Israel
Our Journey Home
Walking Through an Orthodox Synagogue
Repairing a Broken World
10,000 Athletes to Participate in Maccabiah Games in Israel
[Watch] A Special Message for Canada
How Will Morocco's Jews Be Remembered?
Ancient Drawings of the Holy City
Fellowship Global Aliyah Marathon Kicks Off This Summer!
[WATCH] Canada Day Blessings from Rabbi Eckstein!
IFCJ Canada Freedom Flight Arrives in Holy Land!
Barbecue Brisket and Beans!
A Loving Family Finds Hope in The Fellowship
Israel's Homegrown Wonder Woman
Keeping Promises
Helping Israel's Children Flourish
Welcoming New Olim to Israel on World Refugee Day
The Other Side of the Western Wall
Birthday Blessings
God's People, Together in Unity
Israeli Couscous Macaroni and Cheese!
Project Spotlight: Summer Camps for Israeli Children in Need
17 Events and Festivals Not to Be Missed This Summer in Israel
50 years of a Unified Jerusalem
Ask the Rabbi: Auschwitz
Faces of The Fellowship: Shaul
Rabbi Eckstein Honoured by Congress for Jewish Heritage Month
God's Word is Forever
The Path of Life
You Made Her Feel Like a Real Person
Rabbi Eckstein Visits Auschwitz
Grateful as The Fellowship Turns 34
A Walk Through Modern Jerusalem
Project Spotlight: Meals-On-Wheels
Christians and Jews Remember Children Murdered by Nazis
On the Mount of Olives
Confronting Horror, Encountering Hope at Auschwitz
Jewish Coffee Cake!
Project Spotlight: Go for a Run Haifa
Fellowship Homecare Workers Love What They Do
At the Knesset on Yom HaZikaron
Bringing God's People Home
Fellowship Tour Welcomes Olim in the Holy Land!
The Holocaust: Who Are the Missing Million?
Fellowship Tour Begins with Underground Hospital Visit
Follow the Rugged Path of Jerusalem's Ancient Pilgrims
We Remember. We Act.
A Healthy and Delicious Shabbat
Falafel for Israel's Independence Day!
A Prescription for Rescue
Freedom Flight Arrives in the Holy Land
Two Are Better Than One
A Personal Day
Celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Reunification of Jerusalem!
Why Jews' Names Are Etched Onto Sidewalks Across Europe
The Forgotten Holocaust
From Remembrance to Action
Jesus' Tomb, Newly Restored, Reopens in Jerusalem
Brisket Sliders!
Passover in a Broken World
Standing with the Sunday People
A Freedom Flight Pilot Shares His Inspiring Perspective
Ahead of Passover, Western Wall Cleared of all Notes
What is Passover?
Building Passover Food Boxes
Holding Onto Faith Over Fear
War in Donbass Continues to Force Ukrainians to Israel
Passover Preparations in Jerusalem
Project Spotlight: Yad B'Yad Passover Food Box Distribution
Navigating Our Deep Divisions
Hope in Something Higher
Fellowship Delivers Passover Aid to Thousands of Families
Project Spotlight: Passover Food Boxes
The Seder Plate: Food for Thought
Passover 2017: Special Aid to Those in Need
Israel Welcomes 200 New Olim home from Ukraine!
Warming Hearts and Homes
Choosing Life
Israel Office Holiday Toast at HaPoel Katamon Football Club
The Fellowship Helps 1,629,394 Needy People in 2016
Watch: A Drive to the Holy City
The Zookeeper's Wife
Whoever Is Kind to the Poor
Pomegranate and Honey Glazed Chicken!
Archaeologists Uncover Roman-Era Road Near Bet Shemesh
Welcoming Home New Russian Immigrants On Freedom Flight!
Celebrating Heroism and Deliverance
New Immigrant: "Israel Is My Real Home"
200 Israelis Attend Funeral of Holocaust Survivor They Didn't Know
The Diagnosis That Changed My Family's World
God's Divine Coincidences
Chocolate Funfetti Hamantaschen for Purim!
A New Life on a Kibbutz
Reflections on Ukraine
Standing Up to Anti-Semitism
The Top 10 Most Romantic Places in Israel
Fellowship Volunteers Bring Cheer and Companionship
Faces of The Fellowship: Zurab, Tamar, and Nitsa
Israelis You Should Know: Shai Agnon
When God's People Live Together in Unity
Poutine with Latkes!
Visiting a Marketplace in Jerusalem
New Dead Sea Scrolls Cave Found
A Day of Celebration and Renewal
Women of Faith
92-Year-Old Writes Thank-You Note to The Fellowship
Airport Balloons for Children Who Need a Smile
Dairy-Free Chocolate Mousse!
Israel to Accept 100 Syrian Child Refugees
Canadian Poet Inspiring Others to Give to The Fellowship
Officials Warn: Fighting Escalating in Eastern Ukraine
Vegetarian Yemenite Jewish Soup!
Moving Forward in Faith and Unity
Delivering Essentials in Ukraine
We Remember Their Dignity and Sacrifice
Yael Travels to Ukraine to Deliver Care Packages and Compassion
Poll: 85% of Jews Experienced or Saw Anti-Semitism
Fellowship Family Joins in Prayer
Chocolate Tahini Cake!
Assisting Israel's Holocaust Survivors
We All Stand and Remember
Remembering the Holocaust, Forgetting the Survivors
Charity - A Biblical Mandate
Biblical Mt. Tabor
Coldplay to Perform a Peace Concert in Israel
Rabbi Eckstein Receives Award for Promoting Unity
On the Shores of Israel in Caesarea
Let's Make Shakshouka!
Let's Make Carrot Salad!
The Discovery of a Jewish Girl's Necklace in Sobibor
Program Spotlight: Operation Winter Warmth
Honouring a Great Leader
Carrot Salad!
Space Torah: The Holy Scroll's Journey to Outer Space
Israeli Egg Salad with Baba Ganoush!
Let's Make Israeli Egg Salad with Baba Ganoush!
Fellowship Programs Featured on Signs Throughout Israel Airport
The Domino Effect
Ask The Rabbi: Why Did You Start The Fellowship?
A Red Carpet Welcome for New Olim
Four IDF Soldiers Killed in Truck Attack
Program Spotlight: Hesed Homecare Workers
Let's Make Shabbat Chicken with Dried Fruit!
Shabbat Chicken with Dried Fruit!
Kindling the Flames of Holiness
New Olim Suffer Another Tragedy
OMETZ Honours Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein!
Let's Make Blue Crinkle Cookies!
God's Word Will Light Our Way
Receiving YOUR Hanukkah Blessings in the Holy Land
They Are Our Brothers, Like So Many Others
Celebrating Hanukkah and Aliyah at the Airport
Let's Make Traditional Chicken Soup!
Rabbi Eckstein Receives Award for Helping Holocaust Survivors
Holiday Greetings from Rabbi Eckstein
Be Led Forth in Peace
A Traditional Israeli Meal
From Darkness to Light
The State of Israel's Poor
Let's Make Apple Kugel for Hanukkah!
I am one lucky mother!
Aliyah, Aliyah, Aliyah
Canadian Biblical Sheep Now in Israel
Figs, Olives, Almonds and More: Exploring Israel's Biblical Foliage
Let's Make Green Bean Casserole!
Green Bean Casserole!
Hope Amid Devastation in Israel
A Tour of Jerusalem
Let's Make Pumpkin Challah Cinnamon Rolls!
Thinking of the Hungry
Thankful for Prayers
The Highest Form of Charity
Restoring Survivors' Hope in Humanity
Kim Clement - 1956-2016
On the Olive-Oil Trail Through the Galilee and Golan
Let's Make Date Muffins!
Israeli Agriculture Is Prophecy Fulfilled
Biblical Wisdom for Divisive Times
Yael Live: Israeli Agriculture Is Prophecy Fulfilled
Let's Make Challah French Toast!
Man Plans, God Laughs
The Gift of God's Word
The British POWs Who Saved a Young Girl
Faces of The Fellowship: Yonatan
Let's Make Pumpkin Hummus!
Like Seeing a Lost Family Member for the First Time
The Fellowship Celebrates 'Aliyah Day'
Watch: The Song About the Ingathering of Exiles
Israel Is 2nd Most Innovative Country in the World
Speaking Up for the Vulnerable
Latest Fellowship Freedom Flight Brings Home Ukrainian Jews
Record Your Personal Prayer for the Holy Land
Granola Baked Apples!
Let's Make Granola Baked Apples!
The Fellowship Is Among Top 50 International Philanthropies
Be Fruitful and Multiply
Ask the Rabbi: Attachment to Israel
The Angel of Dachau
Israelis You Should Know: Benjamin Netanyahu
Evidence Unearthed of Jerusalem's Third Wall
25 New Dead Sea Scrolls Revealed
Grateful for a Fresh Start in Israel
Let's Make Meat Cholent for Shabbat!
Do You Want to Be a Woman of God?
Rejoicing in God's Word
The French Boy Whose Forged Papers Saved 14,000 Jews
Polish Synagogue Recreated in Toronto
Six Ways to Experience the Spiritual Fulfillment of Shabbat
Program Spotlight: Lifeline for the Elderly
Let's Make Matzah Ball Soup for Sukkot!
Abundant Blessings for Rosh Hashanah
Israel's Children Are Second Poorest in Developed World
Melbourne Couple Waits for 50th Anniversary to Tell Children They Fell in Love at Nazi Concentration Camp
Sukkot, the Feast of Tabernacles
Archaeologists in Galilee Unearth Synagogue From Jesus' Time
The Time of Our Happiness
Becoming Pure on Yom Kippur
Praying for Those Affected by Hurricane Matthew
Family Returns 3,500-year-old Metal Relics Collection to Israel
Let's Make Pecan Pumpkin Loaf!
Rosh Hashanah Blessings from Around the World!
French Jews: We Can Give Our Children a Better Future in Israel
Rabbi Eckstein Named One of 50 Most Influential Jews
IFCJ Canada Board Member Travels on Freedom Flight with Olim
Along the Flower Bulbs
IFCJ Canada Board Chair Visits Babi Yar Memorial in Ukraine
Let's Make Pumpkin Beef Chili!
Fabulous Israeli Food Tours
"A Song for My Saba..."
What Are the Jewish Customs of Mourning?
Program Spotlight: High Holy Days Help in the Former Soviet Union
From British to Bauhaus: Tel Aviv's Architecture
IFCJ Canada Board Chair Visits Fellowship Programs in Ukraine and Israel
The Day I Met Superwoman
Remembering My Father
God's Little Alarm Clock
Let's Make Tzimmes for Rosh Hashanah!
Father of Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein Passes Away at 96
Blessing Those in Need for Rosh Hashanah
Let's Make Apple Cake for Rosh Hashanah!
Program Spotlight: High Holy Days Help for Elderly Jews
A Rosh Hashanah Toast with New French Olim!
Prayers for One of Israel's Founding Fathers
World's Oldest Man Will Celebrate Bar Mitzvah
Filled with Holiness
Let's Make Borscht!
Jewish Woman from Iconic WWII Photo Dies at 92
The Day the World Changed
Israel's Paralympic Team Hoping for Medals at Rio
Give a School Backpack to a Child in the Holy Land
Meet The Holocaust Survivor Band
Remembering Sacrifice - and the Promise of New Life
Let's Make Challah Hot Dogs!
My First Love
Advocates and Allies: Mister Frits
Lets Make Israeli Breakfast Pizza!
Mapping Jewish Culture Through 200 Years of Cookbooks
Press Release: 211 Ukrainian Olim Arrive Today in Israel
Now Choose Life
Project Spotlight: Winter Warmth Needs
Holocaust Survivors See Themselves in Archival Footage...
The Blessing of Health and Energy
Loving Care for a Lonely Widow
"Do They Ever Clean the Notes out of the Prayer Wall to Make Room for More?"
Let's Make Frosty Limonana!
Project Spotlight: On Wings of Eagles
Let Us Pray For You
Latest Freedom Flights: Olim from France Arrive in Israel
Project Spotlight: Help for War-Weary Ukrainians
Press Release: The Fellowship Receives over 1,700 Aliyah Inquiries
Let's Make Apricot Pistachio Babka!
Tisha B'Av: A Day of Mourning
Fellowship Staff Perspective: Travelling with Fear
Tisha B'Av: A Day of Solemnity and Hope
Israel at the Olympics
Ukraine's Jews Struggle Amid Heightened Conflict
Meet Thomas, the Israeli Dog with 10,000 Fans
Growing in Our Understanding of God
Fellowship Olim Visit the Western Wall
Challah Hot Dogs!
146 French Immigrants Arrive in Israel!
Yael Eckstein: Fierce Fighter for Torah Values
Never Stop Caring
Can We Repair Our Troubled World?
The Power of a Smile
Let's Make Summer Pasta Salad with Tahini Dressing!
Another Attack Sets France on Edge
147 Jews from France Grateful to Be Home in Israel
An Invented Disease Saved Jews During Holocaust
Let's Make Pomegranate Lemonade!
Let's Make a Spring Quinoa Salad!
French Jews Seek to Make Aliyah with The Fellowship
Recipe: Healthy Gummy Bears!
The Indomitable Spirit of Israel
Couple Makes Aliyah from Nice Just Months Before Attack
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Visits Auschwitz-Birkenau
Over 80 People Dead After Truck Struck Crowds in Nice, France
Able to Keep Singing Thanks to The Fellowship
"Thank You for Caring About These Children"
Canadian Jewish Community Rebuilding Torah Ark
Celebrating With Food and Song!
Let's Make Cookie Popsicles!
Remembering Elie Wiesel
The Nazi-Defying Grandfather of Helena Bonham Carter
Famous Tunnel Dug by Holocaust Survivors Found
New French Olim See Future in Holy Land
Auschwitz Inmates Miraculously Saved from Death Reunited
Let's Make Pull-Apart Challah Stuffed with Cheese and Guava!
Important Message: Potential Canada Post Service Disruption
Learn About Wings of Eagles
Elie Wiesel, Holocaust Survivor, Author, and Activist, Passes Away at 87
Recipe: Healthy Popcorn
41 Dead, 239 Injured in Terror Attack on Istanbul Airport
Let's Make Eggplant (Turkish Style)!
Students Discover 3,330-Year-Old Egyptian Amulet in Galilee
Fellowship Freedom Flights to Bring 2,000 from 15 Countries This Summer
Unrest in Ukraine Turns 1.7 Million People into Refugees
Experiencing God's Creation in Canada
Aliyah Day Celebrating a Miraculous Return
Ukraine Update: "I Have Never Seen It This Bad" - Rabbi Eckstein
Aliyah From Around the World
Building Bridges in Brazil
The Guardian of Israel neither Slumbers nor Sleeps
Orlando: Compassion, Prayers, and Resolve
God's People, Together in Unity
Rabbi Eckstein Meets with Family The Fellowship Brought to Israel
Auschwitz Guard Sentenced to Prison at Age 94
Remembering Anne Frank
Living Our Lives in Joy and in Faith
Faced with Horror, We Will Persevere
Please Pray - Attack in Tel Aviv
Let's Make Sweet Ricotta and Strawberry Bourekas!
Shavuot: Celebrating in Biblical Times
Four Killed in Shooting in Israel
Multiple Injuries Reported After Shooting in Tel Aviv
Jerusalem - The Heart and Soul of the Jewish People
Rabbi Eckstein Wraps Up Trip to Brazil
Blessings from Him
A Moving Portrait of Needs in Ukraine
Magda's Story: How I Survived the Holocaust
Celebrating the Holy City
Let's Make Dates Stuffed With Goat Cheese!
Ukrainian Jews Say "Todah Rabah!", Thank You to IFCJ Canada Donors
"If I Forget You, O Jerusalem..."
Why I Love Israel
Brush Fires Threaten Jerusalem
Rabbi Eckstein Visiting Fellowship Office in Brazil
Let's Make Falafel Burgers!
Building Bridges of Faith
Rabbi Eckstein Speaks at JPost Conference
My Jewish Brothers and Sisters
Faces of The Fellowship: Valerian
Dutch Noah's Ark Replica Sailing to Rio for Olympics
A Day of Remembrance
A Love Story from Kiev
10 Things You Didn't Know About Jerusalem
The Land He Has Given Us
7 Fellowship Freedom Flights Land in Israel
Israelis to Mark Yom HaZikaron with Solemn Services
Honouring His People
An Angel's Touch
Watch: My Grandfather's Holocaust Story
"My Grandfather's Holocaust Story", Part II: The Will to Live
"My Grandfather's Holocaust Story," Part V: Life and Legacy
"My Grandfather's Holocaust Story," Part IV: Journey to Freedom
"My Grandfather's Holocaust Story," Part III: The Great Escape
"My Grandfather's Holocaust Story", Part I: The Holocaust Begins
Project Spotlight: Giving Holocaust Survivors Dignity and Fellowship in Their Final Years
Girl, 12, Finds Ancient Egyptian Amulet at Jerusalem Dig
Raising Support for Holocaust Survivors
Let's Make Coconut Macaroons!
Touching Video of Tel Aviv Choir Comprised of Holocaust Survivors
Welcome Home! Brother and Sister Reunited in Israel After Three Year Wait
Miracle in Israel: A Reunion After the Holocaust
God's Miraculous Rescue
Agnes' Story: How I Survived the Holocaust
Restoring Survivors' Hope in Humanity
Janine's Story: How I Survived the Holocaust
Ancient Glassworks Uncovered in the Jezreel Valley
Speak Out and Protect the Innocent
Our Fellowship Community
In His Presence
Fellowship Staff Celebrate and Volunteer with Pantry Packers in Israel
The Fellowship Welcomes 127 New Olim From Ukraine
Remembering and Reliving Passover Traditions
Bus Bomb Survivor: I Looked for My Daughter, Found Her All Burned
Breaking News: Terror Bombing on Jerusalem Bus Injures at Least 21
34 Souls Who Have Lost Their Lives in Israel Attacks
Keeping a Kosher Kitchen
A Heritage from the Lord
Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein Visits Morocco
Rabbi Eckstein Hands Out Fellowship Passover Packages
Let's Make Chocolate Espresso Cookies!
Freeing Yourself on Passover
Fellowship Passover Food Recipient: "The Warmth of Your Heart Warms Me"
From Holy Day to Day of Horror
Ukrainian Immigrant: "It's a Gift from God to Live in Israel"
Let's Make Pumpkin-Apple Challah!
Belgian Jew to Move to Israel After Attack
10 of the Most Spectacular Desert Hikes in Israel
Two Fellowship Freedom Flights Arrive from Ukraine
The Fight of All Free People
93% of Israelis Say Food Prices Continue to Rise
Let's Make Salyanka, a Georgian Beef and Pepper Stew!
How Israel Became a Water Superpower
Every Day Is a Gift
We Need More Esthers
Dozens Killed as Explosions Rock Brussels Airport, Metro
Rabbi Eckstein Speaks of Need for Aliyah at Israel's Parliament
Let's Make Chocolate Babka!
Saved by "Aunt Grie"
IFCJ Survey Looks at Needs of Social Workers
Close to Him
A Beacon of Freedom in a Sea of Oppression
New Project to Piece Together Dead Sea Scrolls Fragments
Terror Strikes Again in Israel, at Jaffa Gate
Let's Make Crispy Coconut Haddock!
Herd of Biblical Sheep to Be Brought to Israel from Canada
For the Best
A Rite of Passage
Sisters Beaten by Anti-Semites Join Fellowship Freedom Flight
Israeli Man Defended His Family from Attack in His Home
Ancient Figurine Discovered by 7-Year-Old Boy in Israel
A Giving Heart
Children and Motherhood in Jewish Tradition
Number of Israelis Injured by Terror Jumps 284% in 2015
Let's Make Rice Pudding!
The Faith of a Child
Bringing God's People Home
Fellowship Freedom Flight Brings Latest Olim from Ukraine
Let's Make Israeli Breakfast Spreads!
The African American Community's Historic Support of Israel
Two Israelis Stabbed North of Jerusalem
French Jews are Moving to Israel in Higher Numbers
Ask the Rabbi: What Is a Tallit?
Seeing Israel Through New Eyes
Celebrating the Historical and Spiritual Bonds between African Americans and Jews
Let's Make Heart-Shaped Linzer Cookies!
Let's Make Homemade Date Honey!
Alone But Not Forgotten
A Light in the Darkness
11-Year-Old Israeli Boy Stabbed in Latest Attack
The Fellowship Partners with African-American Churches
A Great Loss to All of Us
Ukraine Update: Giving to Someone Who Has Lost Everything
More Than Four Months of Terror, By the Numbers
On the Frontlines of Faith: One Young Man's Story
Let's Make Spicy Chickpea Stew!
Celebrating New Life
Against Impossible Odds
New Survey Shows Thousands of Elderly Forgo Heat and Food in the Winter
Fellowship Freedom Flights Bring New Olim to Israel from Four Countries
International Holocaust Remembrance Day - Advocates and Allies: Joop Westerweel
The Fellowship Remembers on International Holocaust Remembrance Day
Let's Make Brisket-Stuffed Papas Rellenas!
Tu B'Shvat - A Time to Give Thanks for God's Creation
Caring for Holocaust Survivors
Slain Woman, 23, Remembered as "Beloved, Sweet, Full of Light"
112-Year-Old Israeli Holocaust Survivor Likely Oldest Man Alive
Enough Hatred, the Solution Is Love
International Holocaust Remembrance Day - Advocates and Allies: Giorgio Perlasca
International Holocaust Remembrance Day - Advocates and Allies: Pastor Per Faye-Hansen
Nazi, 95, to Stand Trial for Auschwitz Crimes
Another Woman Attacked in Stabbing in Israel
Giving Feet to Our Faith
Jewish Faith and Life
The War on Poverty
Let's Make French Onion Soup with Challah and Muenster Cheese!
Celebrating Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
The Battle Against Terror Is Our Battle
Let's Make Hummus!
Hatred Spewed in Anti-Semitic Attack in London
Let's Make Cinnamon Bun Rugelach
2,700-Year-Old Farmhouse Discovered Outside Tel Aviv
Spiritual Resolutions for 2016
Pursuit of Tel Aviv Shooter Enters Fourth Day
New Year's Blessings from The Fellowship
Rabbi Eckstein Named Man of the Year
Israel to Mark Day Celebrating Olim
Holiday Blessings from Rabbi Eckstein and The Fellowship!
Go Out in Joy and Be Led Forth in Peace
Recipe: Flavoured Olive Oil
Ask the Rabbi: How Has Hanukkah Changed?
New Immigrants Light The Fellowship Menorah
Baby Among 14 Injured in Jerusalem Attack
Let's Make Pear and Ginger Compote!
The Fellowship Menorah Travels to Netanya to Celebrate the Fifth Night of Hanukkah
Recipes for Hanukkah
BREAKING: Four Israelis Wounded in Car-Ramming Attack
The Fellowship Menorah Unites Elderly for Festive Celebration
What Christians and Jews Can Learn from Hanukkah
The Story of God's Protection and Provision
The Fellowship Menorah
Let's Make Olive Oil, Almond, and Candied Ginger Mandelbrodt!
Israel Archeologists Uncover the Oldest Fava Beans in Galilee
Giving Birth in A Time of Fear
Recipe: All Natural Anti-Biotic
Recipe: Hearty and Soft Roast Beef Dinner
Former Toronto Teacher and Rabbi Among Three Dead in West Bank Shootings
Two Israelis Killed in Stabbing Attack in Tel Aviv
New Roman Mosaic Found in Israel
Welcoming French Jews to Israel
Those Who Pray for Peace Will Win
Taking a Moment to Remember
Do Not Fear
On the 'Island of Shabbat'
Fellowship Worker Saves Life of 13-Year-Old Stabbing Victim
Fellowship Employee's Son Is Thankful for the People of Israel
Faith Will See Us Through
Living in the Shadow of Terror in Israel
Living with Daily Fear in Israel
Israel Is Not Alone
Living Daily Life Despite Violent Attacks
Being a Mother in Israel Amid Violence
Being a Mother in Israel Amid Violence
Rioters Set Fire to the Tomb of Biblical Patriarch Joseph
Praying for More than Survival
There Are No Sirens Before a Stabbing
IFCJ Canada Launching New Website
Speechless in the Face of Violence
Depending on Him
Ask Yael: The Shema Yisrael Prayer
Sukkot - The Time of Our Happiness
My Father, the Bridge Builder
Freed by God's Love
Lifting Humanity and Blessing the World
Courage in the Face of Cowardice
Dear God, Save Us from Ourselves
Working Together, Doing Good
The Bridge Builder
The Bridge Builder
The Blessed Act of Repairing the World
Our Faith Leads Us Home
Experiencing God's People and Creation in Canada
Honour Your Father and Mother
Keeping the Spirit of Unity Alive
A Father's Day Message from Yael
God - Our Ultimate Source of Reconciliation
"If I Forget You, O Jerusalem..."
Why I Love Israel
Believing in Miracles
The Lord Is in This Place
Flying to Redemption in the Holy Land
Hope in Something Higher
God Endures
Saving Lives and Providing Hope
Fighting Anti-Christian Hatred in the Middle East
Giving a Life of Dignity
Speaking Out for Ukraine's Jews
Praising God, the Source of All Life
God's Awesome Handiwork
Coming Home to the Holy Land
Responding to Terror with One Voice
Warming Bodies, Warming Hearts
A Historic Aliyah
Answering His Call, Faithfully and Joyfully
Making History and Fulfilling Prophecy
Bringing God's People Home
Providing for Israel's Future
Clarity in a Confused World
We Are a Light
A New Life in the Holy Land
The Faith of a Child
Rejoicing in God's Word
A Time of Family and Faith
A Wake-Up Call
Through Every Change, He Is with Us
A Symbol of Hope and Happiness
To a Blessed and Sweet New Year
Healing the Scars of War
Israel's Christian Friends: Our Candle in the Dark
A Fragile Peace
An Israeli Boy's Dream of Peace
Praying at the Western Wall
Urgent Prayer Request
A Call to Act
Committed to Rescuing Ukraine's Jews
Which Side Are We On?
Tunnels of Terror
Strength and Resilience in the Face of Terror
The Heartbreaking Reality in Southern Israel
UPDATE: Yael Visits Kidnapped Teen's Father
IFCJ Canada Identified as a Top Charity, Receives an 'A' and 5-Star Rating
On Holocaust Remembrance Day, there's more you can do for the Jewish people than just remember
Chicken Soup Recipe
13 Great Israeli Gadgets for Your Holiday Gift-Giving
Hanukkah: A Season of Miracles
Program Spotlight: Hesed Centres
Olim Arrive in Israel on Largest Fellowship Freedom Flight Yet
"There's No Future in Ukraine For Us"
IFCJ Canada Freedom Flight Lands in Israel
Help in Wake of Israeli Fires
Israel Wildfires: Join Us in Prayer
Let's Make Israeli Donuts!
Hanukkah Warmth and Community for Ailing Ukraine
The Fellowship's Menorah Candle-Lighting Events
For Parisian Jews, Celebrating Hanukkah Is a Miracle
The Fellowship Menorah Travels to Ramle for the Third Night of Hanukkah
Young Terror Victim Lucky to Be Alive
Praying for More than Survival
Living in the Shadow of Terror in Israel
Rioters Set Fire to the Tomb of Biblical Patriarch Joseph
There Are No Sirens Before a Stabbing
IFCJ Canada Launching New Website
Traveling to a Nation Under Attack
Responsible for One Another
Seeking Prayers for Safety and Comfort in a Time of Crisis
Praying for Comfort and Justice
Together in Unity
Bodies Recovered... Please Join Me in Prayer
Unified in Our Grief and Our Prayers
God's People, Together in Unity
Israel Prays for Eyal, Gilad, and Naftali
Israel Prays for the Safe Return of Eyal, Gilad, and Naftali
Growing in Our Understanding of God
A Dream Fulfilled
Support and Solidarity for Ukraine
Prayers for the People of Ukraine
Restoring Survivors' Hope in Humanity
Blessed by God, From the Youngest to the Oldest
Hatred Rooted in History Continues Today
Our Children Are Not Alone
Speaking Up for the Vulnerable
A Biblical Hero for Today
Time Away Strengthens Faith and Family
Fellowship Supports Vital Programs in Ukraine
Together in Friendship and Faith
A Time to Rest
Journey Home to Israel
The Shema Yisrael Prayer
Raising Our Voices Against Anti-Semitism
Tu B'Shvat - A Time to Give Thanks for God's Creation
Spiritual Resolutions for the New Year
Day 7: Farewell to Israel
Day 6: The Garden Tomb, Golgotha, Bible Land Museum
Day 5: Mount of Olives, Mevasseret Zion, Dead Sea Scrolls
Day 3: Sea of Galilee, River Jordan, Tiberius
Day 4: Jerusalem, The Western Wall, Via Doloraosa
Day 2: Caesarea, Tiberius, Sea of Galilee
Day 1: The Journey Home Tour Arrives in Israel!
Falcon Kitchens Helps Bring Jews Home, On Wings of Eagles
Christians and Jews Donate Heating Assistance, Warm Blankets to Israel's Elderly in Need: 'Heating Up Their Homes and Hearts'
Caring for Israel's At-Risk Children
Remembering Babba Shalom
Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein, founder and president of the Keren Hayedidut visited Afikim's southern center in Kiryat Malachi.
American Christians Donate $5 Million to Help Israel's Neediest Citizens Survive the Winter
A Heartfelt "Thank You"
During Chanukah, IFCJ-JDC Partnership Spreads Light and Relief To Jewish Children and Their Families in the FSU

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