Together in Friendship and Faith

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March 4, 2014


This past month, my heart has been heavy with fear and worry for the Jewish people in Ukraine. Anti-government riots have been plaguing this country, and the increased tension has made Jews targets of violence. In recent weeks there have been attacks on Jews, including stabbings, stalking, and threats. Some Fellowship projects for elderly and orphans in Ukraine are on lockdown because it is too dangerous for people to leave the buildings.

I first began hearing about the unrest over a month ago. “Political riots are beginning here in Ukraine, and I have a feeling Jews will be targeted and blamed soon,” the head of a Fellowship-sponsored orphanage somberly told me over the phone. “Wealthy Jewish people have left Ukraine in order to seek safer places to live.” She said that once the riots started, two of the orphanage’s largest funders packed their bags and left Ukraine in a matter of days, and discontinued their funding of the orphanage when they departed.

“We’re desperate for food,” the head of the orphanage told me. With tears in my eyes, I assured her that Christians and Jews in Canada stand with the needy elderly Jews and children of Ukraine. Our program in Ukraine assists thousands with food, clothing, heat and emergency one-time needs.

The situation in Ukraine is very dangerous right now, and unfortunately some predict that it will get worse.

The Fellowship is doing everything in our power to help meet the urgent requests coming in, but we need your help. Jews in Ukraine are counting on us – loving Christians and Jews – to remind them that they are not alone in the biblical land of the North, and that they have not been abandoned. They are turning to us for basic needs.

Now is our time to stand together and proudly declare the famous phrase of “never again.” Through our actions today, we can demonstrate that even during troubling times, there are Christians and Jews in Canada who pray for, care for and love them, unconditionally!

Friends, let us come together in friendship and faith at this critical time of need.

With blessings from the Holy Land,



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