Seeking Prayers for Safety and Comfort in a Time of Crisis

July 22, 2014

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Dear Friends of The Fellowship,

The news from Israel continues to grieve me deeply. Twenty-seven Israeli soldiers have been killed thus far during Operation Protective Edge, which became a ground operation last Friday as the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) work to destroy a vast network of Hamas tunnels that allow terrorists to infiltrate Israel.

Now, I have returned to Israel after a trip to the U.S. As the IDF fights bravely to protect the Holy Land – and as Israel collectively holds its breath – The Fellowship is implementing programs to meet a vast array of needs throughout the state. Just last week The Fellowship dispatched 258 volunteers to visit homebound elderly and deliver prepared meals so they don’t have to leave their safe rooms. We have established an emergency hotline for elderly in need throughout Israel as well as emergency centers in cities from Ashdod to Sderot. All of this and so much more is possible because of the outpouring of selfless support you have shown for the people of Israel.

Today, I ask for your prayers for safety and comfort – for Israelis heartbroken over the loss of their loved ones, for those in the line of fire, and for our brave IDF soldiers who are risking everything to keep the Holy Land safe. I look forward to telling as many Israelis as I can that Christian and Jewish friends in Canada are supporting them with their donations and their prayers – and I ask you to continue beseeching God to grant His most precious gift of shalom, peace, to the land and people of Israel.

With prayers for shalom, peace,

Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein
President and Founder, International Fellowship of Christians and Jews® of Canada


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