Fellowship Freedom Flights Bring New Olim to Israel from Four Countries

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Excitement and anticipation are always in the air on days when The Fellowship’s Freedom Flights bring new olim (immigrants) to the Holy Land.

145 Ukrainian Jews arrived in Israel, Tuesday, to begin a new life in their ancestral homeland. And on Wednesday, January 27, three smaller Freedom Flights arrived with groups of olim from Uruguay, Venezuela, and France.

Fearing for their lives after multiple recent terrorist attacks and anti-Semitic hate against Jewish citizens in Paris, Jews have been leaving France in record numbers, as reported by CNN:

Nearly 8,000 French Jews moved to Israel in the year following the Charlie Hebdo attack, according to the Jewish Agency, which handles Jewish immigration, or aliyah, to Israel.

"While high-profile attacks such as those at the Jewish school in Toulouse in 2012, the Jewish museum in Brussels in 2014, and the kosher supermarket in Paris and the synagogue in Copenhagen last year have certainly been the most vivid instances of violence targeting French and European Jews, the French Jewish community has been living with a deep sense of insecurity for quite some time," says Avi Mayer, spokesman for the Jewish Agency.

When you support The Fellowship’s On Wings of Eagles ministry, your gift helps fulfill biblical prophecy, as foretold in the book of Isaiah: “I will beckon to the Gentiles … they will bring your sons in their arms and carry your daughters on their shoulders” (Isaiah 49:22).

Let’s bring more Jewish people to their biblical home. Please help provide a Freedom Flight today.


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