Fellowship Passover Food Recipient: "The Warmth of Your Heart Warms Me"

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“I’m 81 years-old and I feel like I’m alone; but because of you I have people who are close to me.”

Yurii, an 81 year-old man from Ukraine, made aliyah (immigrated to Israel) on a Fellowship Freedom Flight last October. Today he lives alone in Ashkelon, where he depends on a grocery store voucher from The Fellowship in order to have enough food.

Unfortunately, Yurii is unable to go to the supermarket on his own. When Ilana Taborisky, The Fellowship’s Ukrainian aliyah coordinator, heard of Yurii’s problem, she immediately drove down to Ashkelon and went to the supermarket for him.

Yurii is now part of our With Dignity and Fellowship program, which provides help with food, medicine, and companionship for Israel’s impoverished elderly. He sent the following thank you letter to express his appreciation for The Fellowship’s help, which means so much more with the Passover holiday approaching:

I would really like to thank you and The Fellowship staff (Ilana, Marina, etc.) for the warmth and attention I received from them along with the financial support of The Fellowship.

The warmth of your heart warms me.

I’m 81 years-old and I feel like I’m alone; but because of you I have people who are close to me and who are always ready to come and help.

May God bless you for your holy deeds.

With appreciation and gratitude,


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“Two Fellowship Freedom Flights landed in Israel, bringing an estimated 260 olim (immigrants) from Ukraine.”


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