Touching Video of Tel Aviv Choir Comprised of Holocaust Survivors

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“When they were children, their dream was simply to stay alive.”

This Holocaust Remembrance Day, we vow to never forget the more than six million Jews who lost their lives. But we must also vow that this will never happen again as we also honour the survivors who endured unspeakable horrors.

Watch young singer Uziah Tazadok perform “When You Grow Up” as he joined by Amcha — The Tel Aviv Choir. The choir is comprised of members who are Holocaust survivors.

While Uziah is singing solo, members of the choir are shown holding photos from their childhood.

Through our Guardians of Israel and Isaiah 58 ministry programs The Fellowship is committed to providing impoverished Holocaust Survivors with the basic necessities they need to survive. Through your loving compassion you can give the gift of care and let them know they are not alone. Please prayerfully send a gift today.


“When they were children, their dream was simply to stay alive.”


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