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The Diagnosis That Changed My Family’s World

March 7, 2017
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The Fellowship’s Yael Eckstein is the mom of four children, the youngest of which, her son Shimmy, was born just last year. While she was pregnant, Yael learned that Shimmy has clubfoot, news that sent her family on an emotional journey…

Parents magazine recently shared Yael’s story – and the lessons she’s learned along the way.

On a sweltering summer day in July, my husband and I packed our three kids into the car to go to our first ultrasound appointment for baby No. four. With camp out, and no friends around, the children were thrilled about being forced to join us.

"Do you think it will be a boy or girl? Will we see its hands? Can we see it kicking inside your stomach?" The kids fired one question after the other, without waiting for an answer, while I silently prayed that the appointment would pass uneventfully.

With the kids jumping around the tiny doctor’s office in excitement, and my husband and I looking at each other with smiles at the insanity around us, the doctor placed the ultrasound video on my stomach. Within a second she saw it. And God bless her, she played it cool.

"The baby has clubfoot," she said calmly, focusing intently on the blurry screen in front of her.

My heart stopped. "What’s that?" I asked, my smile fading and my heart pounding furiously.

Read the rest of Yael’s story.

“It’s been 72 years since the world first vowed “never again,” but it seems like that vow is already being forgotten…”


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