Israel Develops Drone to Evacuate Wounded Soldiers

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Air Hopper

The new unmanned Air Hopper by IAI can save lives by carrying needed equipment to battlefield or evacuating a wounded soldier.

Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI), the nation’s largest aerospace and defense company, said on Monday that it has expanded the capabilities of its unmanned vehicles, which are now able to carry wounded soldiers away from battlefields and bring supplies to isolated troops in the field all through remote maneuvering.

The company said that it presented its Air Hopper system to senior officials of Israel’s defense industry and the IDF.

The demonstration of the recently developed Air Hopper covered two scenarios – one simulating carrying a seriously wounded soldier to an extraction point for life-saving treatment, with airborne monitoring of vital signs and sending real-time updates to the ground. The second scenario simulated carrying logistical supplies to an isolated force at the front line, which could not be accessed otherwise without risking more troops, IAI said in a statement. Both demonstrations were carried out successfully, IAI said.



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