Israeli Jet Downed: Fellowship Readies Response

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Israel was plunged into conflict this weekend with a string of events on her northern border. After Israeli forces downed an Iranian drone from Syria that infiltrated Israeli territory, the Israel Air Force (IAF) responded with airstrikes on Syrian military targets. The Times of Israel reports that an Israeli F-16 fighter jet crashed after being hit by Syrian fire, with its pilot ejecting and landing seriously injured within Israel's borders:

An Iranian unmanned aircraft entered Israeli territory from Syria early Saturday morning and was shot down by the Israeli Air Force, in an incident the military called a “severe and irregular violation of Israeli sovereignty.” In response to the breach, the air force struck Iranian and Syrian military targets in Syria.

The Syrian army targeted Israeli jets with heavy anti-aircraft fire during the raid, bringing down an F-16 fighter jet and setting off alarm sirens across the Golan Heights and the Jordan Valley.

The army said the F-16 pilots ejected after being targeted by missiles. One of the pilots was seriously injured during the ejection, while the other suffered light injuries. The two were rushed to hospital.

Sirens sounded in northern Israel throughout the morning as a result of massive Syrian anti-aircraft fire. Explosions could be heard in Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley region near the Syrian border. One Syrian anti-aircraft missile reportedly fell inside Israeli territory, causing no damage.

IDF Spokesman Brig. Gen. Ronen Manelis said Israel held Iran directly responsible for the incident.

Please keep the injured pilot in your prayers, that he may have a speedy and full recovery.

The Fellowship is standing by with urgent supplies of blankets, food, heaters, and other necessities should people be displaced or be without power because of any attack. Already Saturday morning our staff was mobilized to help civilians. We are closely monitoring the situation and are poised for any possible scenario. Please keep our staff in your prayers, and ask that God protect everyone in the region, and bring peace to His people and their land.



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