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Project Spotlight: School Supplies for Israeli Kids in Need

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The eyes of some of the mothers lit up the place.

The Fellowship organized a three-day fair to distribute school supplies to needy families and single mothers to kick off the school year.

We partnered with the Department of Welfare and the Center for Child Development in the city of Tira. At the event, we distributed loose leaf paper, notebooks, and other school items to the 70 students who attended the fair.

The Fellowship’s Rana, the field coordinator who organized the event, said she was very moved to see the joy of the children and parents. “The eyes of some of the mothers lit up the place,” said Rana. “The help of the libraries and businesses that welcomed us with joy and a huge heart made me want to contribute more and more.

“The event was significant and necessary for the families in need. I’m happy for the privilege of arranging it.”

Thank you for helping Israeli children in need who could not afford school supplies, otherwise. This is the kind of meaningful support our partners make possible every day.

Join us and help impoverished Israelis today.

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The eyes of some of the mothers lit up the place.


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