Startling Poverty Statistics Out of Israel

Startling Poverty Statistics Out of Israel

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One of the missions of The Fellowship, and one that we could not meet were it not for your faithful support, is to alleviate the suffering that is experienced by Israel’s neediest people, be they children, struggling families, or the elderly (many of whom are Holocaust survivors).

The end of 2018 brought stark and startling statistics that only underscore the need for the aid that together we provide impoverished Israelis.

According to the annual report by Israel’s National Insurance Institute:

- 466,400 Israeli families (made up of 1,780,500 people) live below the poverty line
- Of those living in poverty, one-third (814,800 in all) are children
- 17.2% of elderly in Israel live in poverty

These statistics startled us all, and Rabbi Eckstein spoke out about the tragedy of so many impoverished Israelis. Rabbi Eckstein told the Maariv newspaper, “Poverty is a threat to the strength of the state of Israel and requires consideration like any other security or economic problem… we at The Fellowship invest hundreds of millions of shekels every year in supplying the most basic needs.”

As the government of Israel must spend so much on security, “the needs of two million poor people” become the responsibility of friends of Israel like The Fellowship and our supporters. With your help, we can provide the live-saving necessities that Israel’s children, elderly, and struggling families need to survive.

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