Israel Philharmonic offers Passover medley for holiday

Israel Philharmonic offers Passover medley for holiday

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The Israel Philharmonic joined the Passover video trend this year, creating a mashup of classic holiday tunes, performed by a cadre of musicians.

Introduced by music director-designate Lahav Shani, the 19 musicians played parts of “Ma Nishtana,” “Simcha Raba,” “B’tzet Yisrael” and “Avadim Hayinu” in the three-minute performance.

Each of the 20 musicians featured in the video recorded their own sections to compose the final medley, which was an arrangement by IPO trombonist Micha Davis.

The ode to Passover marked this holiday being spent alone at home, said Shani in his recorded message.

“We miss you and prepared something special for you,” said Shani.

The IPO has been broadcasting past performances through its website during the last few weeks of quarantine and closure.



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