‘This Food Will Help Me a Lot’

"This is a very difficult time for me,” says Loti, an 85-year-old woman who The Fellowship visited with an emergency response package during the COVID-19 crisis. And when Loti says “difficult,” she means it.

She tells us that prior to the pandemic, a caregiver visited her three times a week, but stopped visiting during the health crisis. This means she’s lost her connection and companionship. “I’m all alone. This crisis is affecting the entire world,” she admits.

For elderly like Loti, not having access to visits from her caregiver means she finds it difficult just to survive. Like many elderly, Loti relies on others to help her make it through the day and complete daily tasks. Things many of us take for granted, like grocery shopping, are now even more challenging for her given the present situation.

Thankfully, YOU, our wonderful supporters, made sure that Loti had enough food, matzah (for Passover), hand sanitizer, hand wipes, and disposable gloves for sanitizing her home. During the crisis, Fellowship volunteers have been wearing protective masks and gloves, exercising caution and safety, as they enter the homes of elderly like Loti to deliver these essential items for survival.

Loti’s smile says it all. She only wishes Fellowship donors knew how much this care means. “You should all be healthy,” she wishes for everyone who’s helped. “This food will help me a lot.”

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