Food and Fellowship for Miryam

The Fellowship’s many programs that help the elderly in Israel are successful because they provide much more than just food and medicine. Our programs also provide loving companionship through personal visits from The Fellowship!

Miryam is 86 and lives alone. She has two physically disabled sons who receive disability stipends from the government that barely help them make ends meet — and, sadly, don’t allow them to also help their mother.

Miryam is battling cancer and must travel to another city for chemotherapy treatments. Those trips are expensive, and don’t leave Miryam any extra money with which she can buy food.

Miryam was very worried about how she would survive — until The Fellowship began providing her with a monthly food card she can use at the grocery store. This has eased her mind, and allows her to stay nourished and strong enough to fight her illness.

Recently, Yael Eckstein brought Miryam a special food box and a warm winter blanket, reminding her that Fellowship friends around the world love and care for her. She was clearly touched by your compassion.

Miryam is just one example of the help and hope donors to The Fellowship provide.


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