Depending on The Fellowship

Elderly Lyubov keeps her mind sharp by reading fiction books, doing crossword puzzles, and watching the city’s hustle and bustle from her apartment’s windows. However, despite her efforts to stay mentally active, she still feels very lonely most days.

It was easy for Lyubov to stay connected to friends and family when she was a decade younger, but now she rarely sees anyone. She suffers from heart problems and arthritis, which makes walking and leaving her Russian apartment difficult.

Now 93, Lyubov often spends her days cooped up in her tiny studio apartment that barely fits her bed, desk, and closet. After spending her life in an exciting career as an electrical engineer, she never thought she’d end up with financial problems and feeling so alone. Despite her years of service and achievements in the engineering industry, Lyubov receives a very small pension that isn’t enough to buy all her basic needs.

Thankfully, she’s not truly alone. She receives weekly visits from her Fellowship homecare worker, who helps her with cooking, cleaning, and personal care. Lyubov says these visits are the highlight of her week.

“Without The Fellowship, I would not be able to manage my life,” she says, fighting back tears.

With the support of our Canadaian donors, elderly Jews like Lyubov are able to live with dignity, hope and respect.


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