One Third of Children in Israel Live Below The Poverty Line

As we put the prayerful gifts of our Fellowship family to work around the world, we see it far too often…

Precious children - in Israel and in the former Soviet Union - are spending these important early years of their lives with NOTHING.

No food in their bellies. No roof over their heads. Sometimes… no parents at all to love and care for them.

These sweet little ones are GOD’S children - and the next generation of people of faith. And without their Fellowship family, not only will they fail to thrive, they will fail to survive.

We know you agree that God’s chosen children are worthy of ALL of life’s blessings, but we want to know…

What do YOU think these precious children of God need the most to flourish?
… a chance at a normal childhood?

Miriam and her brother where very young when their father died. Now young teenagers, the siblings have spent the last few years moving through foster homes.

In the child-care dormitories, Miriam has been known to isolate herself from other children and suffers from low self-esteem. With COVID-19 uncertainties for education, especially with a second surge in Israel, you can imagine how much more isolated she feels. But YOU can show Miriam love and kindness.

As Miriam has lacked stability throughout her young life, she does not have many things that she can take pride in. Her clothes, books, and school supplies are all second-hand. While Miriam is grateful for these things, they have never felt like they were her own.

Children like Miriam are the reason The Fellowship’s Canadian-funded programs to supply school supplies and clothing are working to provide Israel’s children with basic necessities they need to learn, to thrive, and to grow beyond the life of poverty so many of them have known for far too long.

Your gift of loving-kindness, or chesed in Hebrew, will help prepare Israel’s children for the upcoming school year by providing backpacks filled with school supplies, clothing cards to purchase new clothes for the coming fall and winter, and nutritious foods to nourish their minds and growing bodies. It is ONLY with the help of Canadians like you, we are hoping to care for 9,000 of Israel’s neediest children.

When you give to our Guardians of Israel ministry, you are paying your love of Israel and her people forward by providing for these vulnerable young children. With your help, we can ensure these needy children have the basic necessities they need to succeed.

Give Israel’s children hope! Please pay your love of Israel forward today and give as generously as you can.

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