Thank You for Making Their Aliyah Possible!

Your compassionate support helps Jews from around the world make aliyah (immigration to Israel) and start new lives in the Holy Land.

For too long, Alexander and Mariia have lived with the harsh reality of war in eastern Ukraine. Born and raised in Lugansk, the couple had dreams of developing their careers and raising their young daughter there. Then eastern Ukraine became the centre of ongoing fighting between pro-Russian separatists and Ukrainian armed forces, and life there became impossible.

The fighting was so severe that it wasn’t safe to stay in their home. “The ongoing combat drastically influenced our lives,” Alexander said. “We had to abandon our homes and leave everything behind.” The crumbling economy made it difficult for them to make ends meet. “Our welfare has significantly dropped, since I am the only one who works in the family,” he explained.

After coping with the emergency situation for five years, they agreed that making aliyah would be an answer to their prayers, and they were deeply relieved to learn that Fellowship friends could help them get to the Holy Land.

“We need stability and security that we cannot have in Ukraine,” said Alexander with emotion, as he explains how he wants a new life for his family, especially his five year old daughter, Veronika. They are anxious for her to learn Hebrew and make friends at a Jewish school — and they want to thank you for making this new life possible: “I’m very grateful for the work that the representatives of The Fellowship are carrying out!” adds Alexander.

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