A New Home in Israel

“I’m really waiting to make aliyah,” said six-year-old Laura, before she boarded a Fellowship Freedom Flight from Brazil to Israel this past month. It was a big move for the little Jewish girl, but Laura had worked hard to get ready. “I already know some Hebrew words, and I know all the Jewish holidays,” she said, ready for her new home. “I really want to meet new friends and speak more Hebrew.”

Laura’s single mother, Deborah, had also been working hard to make aliyah (immigration to Israel). But then the COVID-19 pandemic hit and the borders closed. So the two waited, as the situation in Brazil grew worse.

“Thousands simply don’t receive treatment and die. The economic situation is also deteriorating,” Deborah says. “The situation is such that on the one hand, people must sit at home, because there is no work and they’re not allowed to leave the home, while on the other hand, they simply have nothing to eat.”

As things grew darkest for the mother and daughter, Deborah admits, “I had already lost hope and accepted the fact that I would not be able to make aliyah to Israel.”

But then, with thanks to our faithful friends in Canada, The Fellowship stepped in and provided hope and safety to this precious Jewish family. “The Fellowship helped me right from the start with the documents and all the arrangements. I’ll also receive a grant which will greatly help me with my initial acclimatization in Israel.

“Besides the feeling of returning home to the country of the Jewish people, I’m also going to be building a new home in Israel for me and for my daughter,” Deborah says, happy that she and Laura are in the Holy Land, her people’s Promised Land, at last. And to The Fellowship’s supporters, who made this new home possible, she adds, “I just want to thank them for helping us Jews come back to Israel.”

Partnering with The Fellowship, YOU can bring Jewish families home to Israel saving lives and fulfilling biblical prophecy.

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