A Special Gift for You

Extraordinary. Challenging. Historic.

For months, we’ve been hearing words like these describe this unique moment in time.

This past year has certainly been a time of extraordinary challenges. It has challenged what we know and believe about disease, about the world, and about unrest in our communities.

Yes, these days ARE historic. But certainly not a coincidence.

In biblical days, God used difficult times to speak clearly to His people. And I believe He is trying once again to speak to each one of us.

It’s certainly no coincidence that God has placed this on our hearts right now, just ahead of the Jewish High Holy Days a time of reflection, repentance, and renewal.

Each of the Jewish holidays throughout the year focuses our hearts on God, each in its own specific way. With Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, on its way, download this special Jewish Holidays Calendar to guide your heart in prayer through each of the Jewish holidays this coming year.

As you focus on God during this sacred season and beyond, we pray that He will speak clearly to your heart.

We know that mighty things happen when all of God’s people turn their hearts to Him. Because of you and your obedience to His word, your Fellowship family in Israel and around the world can continue helping the Jewish people, during these times and into the future.

Thank you for being a blessing to God’s children. We hope your special Jewish Holidays Calendar will be a blessing to you, today and throughout the coming year.

With prayers for shalom, peace,

Your Fellowship Family

PS In Leviticus 23, God spoke to Moses about the Jewish holidays, which Moses was “to proclaim as sacred assemblies” (v.2). These holidays are still sacred times during which God will speak to us. Download our special Jewish Holidays Calendar to guide you in prayer through the High Holy Days and beyond.

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