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Ariel, Avikhen, Shaked, Hanoch, Hodaya, Shilat, Ofrat, Shilo, Moriya, Eliya, Shemesh. These are the names of Amira’s 11 children. And with her husband disabled, Amira must help these dozen people in her home in Sderot, a southern Israeli town near the Gaza border.

This commitment began when, as an 18-year-old IDF soldier, Amira met her husband in the military. They married and both began working at a textile factory.

But with a growing family, Amira had to leave her job to care for her children. Then an injury left her husband unable to work. Now this sweet Jewish mother cannot even pay her bills. “I just keep asking the electricity company to not disconnect us,” she says. So how can she feed these 12 loved ones?

On top of this extreme poverty and food insecurity, one of her sons is a special needs student, needing special medical care.

All of this, on Amira’s shoulders. “I’m not a strong person,” she says humbly, “but God strengthens me so I can handle everything that I must handle.”

But Amira also finds strength in the ongoing support provided by The Fellowship and our Monthly Giving Family. Always strong and always helping others, she admits that her “rabbi said that there’s nothing to be ashamed of because I’m really in need of help.”

And Amira found help in The Fellowship, which provides food and other assistance to her family. “Thanks to this help we are not starving,” she says.

Through a monthly gift to The Fellowship, you can help strengthen impoverished Israeli families like Amira’s, and ensure they have food and necessities all year round.

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