A Jewish Mother Struggles to Provide

Tatiana is a good mother, a good daughter, and a good person. This Jewish woman works hard every day, but despite her job, the pay is minimal, and the life she and her family leads is hard.

The family rents a small room at a hostel on the border. Tatiana raises her son Vlad on her own, while also caring for her sick and elderly mother. This Jewish mother takes pride in the education — both in subjects like mathematics, as well as studies in Judaism — Vlad receives at a Fellowship-supported school. But it hurts her to see the life of poverty he must endure.

Tatiana’s mother requires costly medicines, just to live. So much of Tatiana’s meager salary goes for that, leaving little to provide food for the family, much less the special foods with which to celebrate the Jewish holidays.

But now the family has Fellowship friends around the world who love them. For Rosh Hashanah, the family received help from The Fellowship. And since, the assistance buying food that you make possible has allowed Tatiana to purchase her mother’s lifesaving medicine and buy clothes for Vlad.

And this Passover, the food box the family will receive will not only nourish their bodies, but provide the hope that God has not forgotten them.

This Passover, your gift will provide a food box for a Jewish family like Tatiana’s, showing them God still delivers His people.

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