Celebrating Purim at Tzaad Kadima

A long line of people gathered at the IFCJ Canada-funded Eshel soup kitchen to receive their daily meal, as well as a bag of treats appropriate for the holiday. Later, at a festive Purim celebration at Tsa’ad Kadima in Jerusalem, beneficiaries with cerebral palsy and staff dressed in costume (customary on Purim) and enjoyed festive Purim songs to celebrate the holiday that commemorates the Jewish people’s deliverance from their enemies in biblical times.

President of IFCJ Canada, Yael Eckstein said, “COVID-19 has taken a heavy toll on needy Israelis in so many ways. It has dramatically increased their need for essentials like food, which is something we deliver to them every day. But we can’t forget that the isolation has also increased the loneliness that is all too common among vulnerable populations, especially during Jewish holidays. Of course, it’s critical that we feed their bodies by providing them with food, but it’s also so important to feed their spirits by providing human interaction through events like our Purim celebration.”

Tzaad Kadima works to educate and rehabilitate children and adults with cerebral palsy and other motor disabilities. Guy Solomon, the CEO of Tzaad Kadima, said, “The Fellowship’s donation has literally saved our program!”

Thank you for providing compassionate care for those in need for the Purim holiday. One of the program recipients, Elior, had this to say to our Canadian donors, “I really appreciate it. Thank you. It makes me very happy.”


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