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Blessing Israel In Times of Crisis, and Every Day

July 29, 2021


I recently returned to Israel from a wonderful trip to North America. As I drove home from Ben Gurion airport, I thought how blessed I am to have made my home in the Holy Land — and I thought how strange it is to think that, just a little more than two months ago, Israel was enduring barrages of thousands of rockets.

Every city we visited had been drastically affected by the rocket fire. As we drove through Ashkelon, I saw destruction everywhere. Every rocket strike throws shrapnel, sometimes as far as a block. What I saw as I drove for miles, was house after house, building after building scarred with shrapnel holes, broken windows and holes in roofs, walls, and yards.

Rocket attacks have a devastating impact on people’s lives. Many can’t return to their houses — it’s often just too dangerous to go back to a damaged house. The roof may fall in. Walls may crumble.

We went to visit a park in Sderot. As a mother of four, I think of a park as a place where my kids can play and have fun, and I can just sit and relax and watch them. But in Sderot, less than a mile from Gaza, it’s very different.

It really put things in perspective. In communities like Sderot, there is no relaxing, no escaping the constant threat of war, conflict, and rockets. And it also shows just how important, how essential your support is in comforting Israel’s people. Our presence shows the people in those communities that Canadian friends are there for them.

My friends, this is the work you are doing for the people of Israel. We could not do it without you. I am so grateful to have you as a partner, and I pray that God will bless you as you are blessing His people — both in times of darkness, and every day.

With blessings from the Holy Land,

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