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The Gift of Time

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The Gift of Time

January 6, 2022


God’s first commandment on the eve of the Jewish people’s departure from Egypt is still upheld to this day — the Hebrew calendar is lunar-based and follows the monthly cycles of the moon. So while most of the world celebrated the New Year on January 1, Jews actually mark the beginning of the year differently!

In this powerful episode of Nourish Your Biblical Roots, we’ll learn another reason why this was a fitting commandment on the eve of the Exodus — it carried an important message about the gift of time.

God wants us to use His gift of time wisely in the present day, too. Many people lead lives controlled by the clock. Time is their master. But, we have only one master — God. And God wants us to be the true masters of our time — we have the privilege and the responsibility to use it wisely.

Listen to Yael on Nourish Your Biblical Roots to learn more about this biblical commandment and this gift from God.

With blessings from the Holy Land,

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