No Longer Alone

Mikhail dedicated his entire life in Ukraine to taking care of others. First, he looked after his mother, who was ill and bedridden for many years.

When his mother passed away, Mikhail married his beloved Sophia. A dedicated husband, he loved and supported his wife through years of schizophrenia, caring for her and staying by her side.

While he still cares for Sophia, it’s like Mikhail is by himself. “I have reached old age and I am all alone,” he says. “It is so scary for me. The loneliness is overwhelming.”

Until recently, IFCJ Canada was all Mikhail had—bringing him food and bringing Jewish holidays to this sweet Jewish man who is now too weak to go to synagogue. However, with recent turmoil in Ukraine, Mikhail has found himself alone once again.

And now, as Passover quickly approaches, IFCJ Canada volunteers are on the ground, providing aid and deliverance to forgotten Jews and desperate elderly like Mikhail.

This Passover, you can provide not only food and faith, but lifesaving aid to vulnerable people who would otherwise be alone.

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