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Photo: Avishag Shaar-Yashuv

Sibo is an 84-year-old Holocaust survivor living in the Israeli city of Netanya. Despite at last living in Israel, her historic and biblical homeland, Sibo still found herself all alone and in need of help, after a lifetime of hardship, until IFCJ Canada stepped in to support her.

Born in the Soviet Union as World War II loomed, Sibo’s earliest years coincided with the Holocaust. One of nine siblings in a Jewish family, she is the only one still alive.

Two of Sibo’s sons still live in the former Soviet Union, and are unable to help their ailing, lonely mother. Her third son lives in nearby Jerusalem, but is disabled and in need of care himself. So Sibo sits alone in her small apartment, her only company the aging furniture provided by her landlord. Or that was the case until Fellowship volunteers found her…

Now Sibo receives regular deliveries of groceries and other necessities, but most importantly she receives the love and support of Fellowship friends, support that lets this precious child of God know how much He — and Christians and Jews around the world — love her.

Your gift today will help provide needy God’s people — those like Sibo — with lifesaving support and life-changing love.

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