Getting Through This Difficult Time

Photo Credit: Guy Yechiely

92-year-old Dalia cannot walk on her own and needs 24/7 care. She also has difficulty speaking but managed to let us know that she made aliyah (immigrated to Israel) to her biblical homeland years ago from Iraq. Today, she relies on her caregiver who lives with her, as well as the help and food she receives from IFCJ Canada, which is all the more important now that war has come to Israel.

Ever since the Hamas attack on October 7, there have been code red sirens sounding in Dalia’s southern town of Ashkelon, which is near the Gaza border. Since Dalia has difficulty running to a bomb shelter, her caregiver tries to pick her up and move her to the armchair in the inner part of the apartment for more protection.

Her caregiver tells us: “A week and a half ago one of the missiles fell at the end of the street. Our whole building was shaking, and we thought it was going to collapse. I think God watched over us and saved us.”

Thankfully, Dalia also has Fellowship friends around the world to watch over her to during Israel’s time of greatest need. Food deliveries from friends like you show Dalia she is not alone during wartime in Israel.

“I also see how happy Dalia is to have guests at home,” her caregiver adds. “We have had no visitors since the beginning of the war. Thank you for coming to visit and making Dalia happy.”

Your gift today will help provide emergency essentials to those in need, like Dalia, during this crisis.

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