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Celebrating God's Gifts on Shavuot

Shavuot commemorates the giving of the Torah (the first five books of what Christians call the Old Testament) to Moses at Mount Sinai....

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Daily Devotional

Hebrew Word of the Day

Guardians of Israel

Helping Feed Israel’s People

Thousands of Israel’s elderly and families depend on food deliveries...Watch Now

Isaiah 58


Boarded-Up Windows and Damp Walls

79-year-old Shamil Shamilov squats in a basement with boarded-up windows and damp walls, which he covers with cardboard. The basement has neither heating nor plumbing...Read More

On Wings of Eagles


Next Freedom Flight Boarding Soon

Aleksandr showed us pictures of the anti-Semitic slurs written on the family’s home...Read More

Have You Seen Us On TV?

Holocaust Survivors in Crisis

Their Time is Running Out

Holocaust survivors in the former Soviet Union living in horrible conditions cannot afford basic necessities needed to survive. Your help today will be a lifesaving blessing. Watch Now 

Let’s Make…


Coffee Coconut Date Balls!

This week’s recipe is brought to you by The Fellowship’s Rachel Katzman, who says this is the perfect treat to share with family and friends!...Read more


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